Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The 'What's On' That Nearly Never Happened

It's late for WOYWW for me today,I know... but what can I do with no computer!?! I'm on John's and it feels like I'm wearing someone else's welly boots and underpants!! Well, you know what I mean. (say yes Lyn!)
I really wanted to join in with What's On You Workdesk Wednesday this week, even if I am waaaay down the list, because for once, my craft room is TIDY!!! It's taken all week to get it like this! (John will tell you a month, but what does he know!)
First Picture...very sad computer... hopefully it will be better soon! My new mouse, is a travel mouse it's on a string that swivels up small for packing away in your laptop case. (Why do you need a mouse and a keyboard?...cos I can't work that finger sliding thingy!) All the pictures I took last night at midnight are blurred, probably because I was VERY STRESSED! thinking I'd lost all my 'stuff' on my computer. (I hope I haven't!) So here's a few taken this morning... with the sun shinning in...
You can see the bench!! And the window! For me this is tidy!! I don't usually craft here, as it's too low, as I stand to craft and sit to 'compute!' There's one of my still unfinished boxes with the edges painted gold. Owl is there too, before the moon was changed. Little book file contains paperpacks and booklets from magazines.
Turn left a little. All my Useful boxes are piled up on the shelves and not on the floor!! Although, the 'Man Bag' (on the floor) is filled with posh bags and boxes too nice to throw away because they might be useful one day!
A little more to the left... you can see my 'proper' work bench' !! For me this is tidy!! So, of course I had to leave that empty mug of frothy coffee! Promarkers in a box all together at the moment as they no longer fit in the draws I had for them. (well, not in a colour coded way, because as they filled the draws, when opened, sometimes the lid got pulled off! Not good if you don't notice)
Stand back a bit and you can see even my plastic boxes under my bench are tidily on their shelves and not heaped up on the floor with all their contents sprawled across the floor!!
A little to the left again and back to the door....and oops...yes my draws on wheels unit, could do with a little sort out...oh well...there's always next week! It's not too late to join in with Julia's Stamping Ground where at least a hundred plus crafters show off their Craftimess!! This has been Lyn... reporting for Spyder's Corner! Midday instead of Midnight! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, your space looks so tidy, want to do mine? :)

  2. Wow Lynn,
    I am so impressed with how tidy everything is. You put me to shame... my craft area is sooo messy! I even have my desk drawer permanently out at the moment with a pile of stuff on it that needs to be sorted and put away! I can't close the drawer!

    I hate the little finger sliding thingy on the laptop too! It makes my finger go numb!

    Susan xxox

  3. Bridget #28 hahaha I know what you mean, what did we do without computers. My hubby hates when I have to use his, he knows I am lost without mine, I do everything on the computer, even eat at it too lol, I love your craft room, you obviously love purple

  4. Hi Lyn,wish I had a room like yours,
    (droool)Hope your putter gets better before your John wants his back.
    Hugs Sue

  5. Oh Lyn - just let me in your gorgeous craft room!!!! Soooo much stash absolutely everywhere. Confession, I can't cope with the touchpad mouse thingy either - and I was in IT for goodness sakes. Happy WOYWW - and how I laughed about wearing someone elses' underpants and wellies, we do love our own computers!! :)) Di xx

  6. Yes Lyn. Not sure why I said that, but you did tell me to! Your workdesk looks amazing. So tidy and organised and I am consumed with jealousy!

    Good luck with the computer.
    cheers, rachel #22

  7. yes Lyn

    why Lyn?

    where's My Messy Spyder gone?

    i don't like tidy but I am proud of your nerve, nothing will ever be the same again you do realise?

    it's like when your best mate gives up sugar in their coffee - an you do too and neither one of you will admit you hate coffee without sugar, because somehow you both think it's the 'right thing' to do...

    (by the way I found out later she was sneaking in sugar - into her coffee not mine)

    just say yes donna

  8. Blimey - what a tidy space!! I need to take a page out of your book cos my room's a tip!!
    Hugs, LLJ #40 xx

  9. Look at all the supplies!!!! I hope your computer issues get fixed soon. I still can't get my tethering to work at my home so I'm going to Starbucks on a regular basis.

    How nice to have that huge window for natural light.

    Great space!

  10. Wow Lyn, You have so much gorgeous crafty stash...I want to come and play at yours! Well done on the tidying - it looks all ready for a good crafting session. I hope your computer gets sorted soon, it is a nightmare when they go...I have a new one and am still sorting it all out LOL!

  11. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a work top in your craft room before Lyn, what’s happened?
    It certainly looks tidy but I bet it doesn’t take you long to get it back to how it was, Lol!

    Happy Crafting!

  12. hi lyn,

    your craftspace is real tidy. my workspace is terrible. now i craft at the dinner table, so we eat in front of the tv because the table is very cluttered with all my cardmaking stuff right now. lol...

    have a great evening.


  13. Omg Im so impressed what fab tidy huge craftroom you have im soooo jealous!Now as for laptops/computers im the same at mo been using my daughters laptop whilst ill and god could through it out window sometimes so bleeding slow and buttons different arrgghh now the traum,a your going
    Happy wednesday and have fab creative week ahead hugs judex 16

  14. Lovely and tidy and a space on the shelf for each box. Have been tidying mine up too. I now have a nice clear space to store my boxes. Next job to actually sort out what is in the boxes and put into some semblence of order. might just be finished in time for next WOYWW!!! Hugs Mrs A.

  15. Hi Lyn gosh you have been busy tidying up and what a lot of lovely stash you have. Had to show your pics to DH as he keeps asking why I need so many boxes. This afternoon told my my space was like 'Box City' - he just doesn't understand. LOL
    Hope you computer gets sorted soon. Anne x

  16. oh wow, of course you had to show off your tidy desk! yes, i am impressed! how long does it usually take to mess it up again, LOL! happy WOYWW from #61, way down too!

  17. I love your tidy workspace. Having 'stuff' where it should be means you can always find it. I tidied mine at the beginning of the year and put everything into Really Useful boxes, great, except I didn't label anything and now spend ages going through every one to find
    Hugs Joanne xx

  18. Very tidy - will it stay that way long I wonder?

  19. sorry about the computer - it's such a blow and i hate it when things go wrong like that - hope you can retrieve all you need - your space looks just fabulous and full of wonderful things!

  20. Wow! You are so brave to show off all your room. I don't think I could. Mrs Messy Desk at the moment but busy bunny with too much to do! Hey Ho!

  21. Your space is amazing ...I hope you have not lost anything ...and Yes ...I totally under stand where you are comming from re using anothers computer. xx

  22. I can so hard drive totally crashed, but my back up hard drive plus Mozy saved the day! My son had it all working in one day! Ch-ching! You dress is tidy...makes me want to go clean my desk-sort of............

  23. Yes Lyn. And me about the finger slidey thing too. I thought you'd moved! Gosh your workspace looks divine - I need to come and help you go through it all next time it needs tidying. How delicious to see it all. But the big question for me - why? Did it just get on top of you or were you looking for something?!

  24. That is a seriously tidy crafting room. How did you manage that? You should be able to retrieve everything off the hard drive, even if the computer is kaputted. The main thing is not to panic and press too many buttons. I recently had an external hard drive go down and with the help of a couple of recovery programs, I managed to retrieve about 95% from it. After all, the police can find deleted files with little difficulty.

  25. With you on the finger pad thingy ... absolutely cannot get on with it and found a cute wee keyboard (11" x 5.25") made especially for use with a laptop - and yes, I've been working with computers since forever too. Yor workspace looks like a crafters dream - I'd love a rake through all those plastic containers :) Thanks for the owl - he is just so cute. Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #55


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