Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ow! It's WOYWW!

Hi peoples! yay, didn't think I'd be doing a WOYWW this week...on new pills and they are 'stronger' (according to the doctor who looked about 12) but taking longer to work....sooo very quick post, as, one, I can't sit, stand, walk, run, sleep.... and two, I haven't really been doing a whole lot of crafting this week, and not much last week either, just doing a few digi's for you and a couple of cards you can't see yet!!
And... It's behind you.... forget the pile of paper growing in a darken corner... it's growing everywhere!!Yep... there's one of my boxes...(waiting for the paper) and yes... those are hair straighteners.... used for.... straightening hair...
Sorry, I didn't get round too many of you last week because of this, 'thing' I have....Catch you all later...hopefully...when the pills work! In the meantime...I'll just rattle off somewhere! (damn it, I looked everywhere for those flipping hair straighteners yesterday! I can usually find things when I look at my woyww pictures!)
Who can spot the bread crust????? (I didn't spot that til now!) So!! If you want to join in with WOYWW hop over to Julia's blog and sign in!
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Thanks for stopping by....

b r e a t h e ....


  1. Woohoo someone else who lives in a creative whirl just like me!
    Helen x

  2. Hey Lyn, not sure how you get around that room, but I can see your hair straightener (grin). Saw it before you mentioned it the first time. Hope you get to feeling better soon. This must be a real zapper.

  3. Now that's what I call a worktop! Love it you just want to have a good old play around although I must admit I struggled to find your straighteners (did eventually). Hope your new pills sort your problem out! xx

  4. Sorry to hear you are having such horrid health problems (know what you mean about doctors ages LOL). Hope things soon change for you on the health front.
    Your desk is a riot of colour but the pathway lead up to it had me gasp in amazement - how do you get through it all?
    Thinking of you and hoping for better health next time we meet on here - Hugs, Neet #7

  5. Love the creative chaos! I wonder

    Happy WOYWW, xoxo Marjo #36

  6. Hope you get sorted out soon - the mess can go hang! Doctors (and my son's teachers) do look as if they're still wet behind the ears, don't they - just like me..HA..SNORT...LOL !!

  7. Creative desk or what!Thats what i like to see some one trying new techniques with a crust of bread (stale maybe)sat on the wee lilac
    Have fab week hope pain eases sending get well wishes and big hugs
    judex 10

  8. wow I would love to get into that craft space and have a look around lol ... hope you are feeling better happy crafting and love sandy xx

  9. Hi Lyn, thanks for the freebies! I was missing a bit going here, but I was moving, and now I have a bigger house! I am thinking on participatin of WOYWW along with you, will take a look on it!

  10. Thanks for sharing your space this week, I always enjoy visiting and hope you have a fabulous rest of the week. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Fab workspace !

    I couldn't find the crust its a bit like where's Wally LOL

  12. Sorry you are suffering but hopefully the pills will work soon! Your room is a lovely creative mess and we all love that! Great snoop!

  13. I hope you're feeling better soon...lots of WOYWWers sick this week :(

  14. Whoa! That"s one exciting space I would love to rummage around in!

  15. OMG I'm still laughing! I love the bread crusts! Fabulous addition to your desk. I was most impressed with the hair straightener though! I love your space and could sit right down NOW and create! I do hope your feeling better soon and get back to crafting. Thanks you for the peek and have a great day!

  16. Well it certainly looks busy in your craft room:) Hope the pills work for you, it can't be much fun xx

  17. I'd feel so at home in your space ...if you hadn't said anything about the crust no-one would have noticed ...I had to find it though ...its obviously for a new technique. lol

    Hope you are finally on the mend ...pain can really get you down. Take Care xx

  18. OOh STRRRONNNG pills,]
    can't wait to see the digi's that come out of that experience....

    I removed my heated curlers from my desk but you knew I had them didn't you? wanna swap hair?


  19. I love your pictures, you have so many goodies to play with! have a happy Wednesday! Mel (43)

  20. Jiminy! That's a chaotic and wonderful space. Looks about the level of mine whe I'm is the throes of crafting madness :) Hope you are feeling better.

    Mary Anne

  21. Sorry you’re not feeling so great at the moment Lyn. I have hip trouble so I know what it’s like when you can’t sit, stand, or even lie in comfort. Hope things improve soon huh.

    As for the hair straighteners, they’re a must in the craft room. Mine never get used on my hair now because it’s too short but they work a treat for getting the creases out of my ribbons.

    Happy Crafting!


  22. Gosh, that is a busy looking craft room. Thanks for sharing. xx

  23. that is a creative space!!! Cannot spot the crust though!

    You know when your getting old when the doctor looks 12 (though they are usually easier on the eye!!)

  24. It's like a "where's waldo" over there. You should give us a list. I could spot the bread crust and the straighteners and the mariposa paper (love that) and a whole lot more! Hope the meds are working out and beware of 12 year old looking doctors! Hope you're feeling up to snuff shortly.

  25. You need that little bread crust (on the winnie the pooh address book) to feed the little birdies when they pop in to help you craft... all disney-style *lol*
    Fantastic workspace! I bet all you ever need to do is reach out your hand and you find something fun to create with :)

    Hope you've had a wonderful WOYWW!
    aka Sheleen at PatchworkApples

  26. Sorry to hear the pills are making you feel so bad, hopefully they will do their job and you can play again... have to ask... do you straighten your hair in your craft room or do you use them to iron ribbon? LOL

  27. Glad you got hold of some Mariposa papers, can't wait to see how they look. Hope you're feeling better soon. x

  28. Love it when other people also find lost items on their WOYWW photo's. Thought I was the only one who does that.
    Hope you feel better real soon, I am home sick (Bronchitis), but at least I get to watch the rugby. South Africa is drilling the poor Namibians - score is 38 / 0 just after half time
    Happy WOYWW

  29. Hi I see Lyns tornado has been by again, wow what a mess I dont know how you work like that, it would drive me crazy, but everyone to their own. Hope you are feeling a bit better now and are getting used to the pills. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  30. Wow what a wonderous web of goodies you have Spyder! oooh found your crust too, I wasn't leaving until I found it! wish you better, Happy Crafting, Sue xx

  31. I'm always spotting stuff in my pictures and thinking' so THATS where I put it' or 'what on earth is THAT doing there'or even' Blimey, I forgot I had one of those',lol. Hope your felling a bit better, Happy WOYWW, Shaz

  32. Great workshop, and I like the new version of "what do you do for a crust?" ;-)
    Hope the pills work for you mighty soon.
    Take care,

  33. Sorry to hear you aren't well. I am sorry to say this but it is a sign of your (our) age that Doctors, Police, Teachers and any other professional are looking younger.
    As for your room,are you and my boss related? You can give him a run for his money with the state of your room and his!!
    Get well soon!

  34. Hope your pills kick in soon and you start to feel better. I hate it when thigs go missing. My desk is usually the last port of call and always the culprit but do I learn!!! Hugs Mrs A.

  35. Hi Lyn, so that's why we do WOYWW, so we can find stuff that's gone missing! Hope you are feeling better by now and the strong medication is doing the trick ... nothing sees the mojo going awol as quick as being poorly.

    I’ve a giveaway over on my blog, you might like to take a look at:-

    Elizabeth x #125

  36. I feel so much better for seeing your mess oh sorry desk. LOL Not brave enough yet to show too much of my crafting space. Hope you feel better soon.

    Carol c xx


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