Thursday, 9 June 2011

Help, About Links

Can you see this? You can click to make it bigger I think, but as it's not a 'real' photo, just a print screen and copy into Word I'm not sure. Anyway, my question is, here is one of my posts with no comments, but as you can see by the 'Links to this post' it has been visited. (This also happens to posts that do have comments) Now, I've been on the blogger help thingy and someone very nice told me all about back links, which I read and all that just went over my head as, although this probably is back linking, bloggers help appears (to me) to be a bit out of date and their example does not appear like this picture above shows. Now, I've been having trouble commenting or if I do comment, sometimes the comment either never shows or just disappears into the ether. I'd love to be able to visit a blog and leave one of these links. People I've asked over the two years I've been blogging have no idea how their links get there. Blogger help tells me it's because they have linked me on their blogs or share the same topic, this is not so... I've checked! I've even seen the blog owner's own link listed in this way on their own blog. So if you know how to get my link to appear under the comment in 'Links to this post' (so that if I can't comment, at least people will know I've called in) I'd love to know!
New Followers Hi and a big {{{wave}}} to Chrissy, Sande lovely video's for you to watch! and Michelle Jadaa, but no links...yet. Happy Crafting!
(*P.s Create A Link seen under Links to this post , is something different and I know about that)
*Update...There's now ove 60 'Links to this Post' to this post!!! So, how's it done?


  1. Sorry Lyn, I have no idea how that Links thing works, but I have heard that if you're having trouble leaving comments then unchecking the Keep Me Signed In box makes the commenting work, although apparently not for everyone. Good luck!

  2. Hi hun
    mandi asked me about that links thing, i not a clue? lol hope someone else can be more helpful! lol, sue,x

  3. Hi Lyn
    I'm sorry I haven't a clue either, I hope someone can help

    Hugs Jackie x

  4. hi hun not sure about the links but know if you alter your cookies to enable or something similar you can leave comments it worked perfectly for me,funny you should mention about the link thingy as that has started to appear on DT blogs,were you leave entries I noticed these when i posted this weeks challenge over at creative inspirations he he and i not only had one my linky but 2 greedy hey last time it disapeared complteley,hugs cheryl xxxxxx

  5. the blog you are on needs to have active links available like on yours - you click on it and put your back link comment as i just did using yours - if you check out my (old blog) you will see what I mean, but you can only use the function if the blog owner chooses to have back links active.

    On my non blogger web site I only have a comment facility - if you can't leave comments let blogger know they will fix it for you or give you the solution,

    the link is on MY blog BACK to yours


  6. Thank U Doone, but that's Create a link, and I can do that, its to leave a link as seen above in the pic. I have asked in the past how they made that link but they have no idea! The Blogger help man actually said the same thing, and then went to'look' at my blog and said he didn't know what links I meant as he couldn't see them..

  7. I know...used to be if you linked to a blog like Julia's WOYWW it would show your blog name and post title on her blog. I have noticed if my blog is listed on someone's blog and I post a new post, a link shows up...sort of random tho. go figger....LOL!

  8. this is why I don't use blogger any more...

    with my squarespace website it takes MUCH less time to do my tinterweb posts,

    but I notice anyone following me on my new site - it takes 24 hours sometimes for the posts to show in the blogger dashboard...
    sorry looked closer at the pick I;m sure you just use the add a link box and it works - but it doesn't appear straight away - that's the price we pay for free stuff?

    still don't know why more people haven't moved over to other blog hosts...wordpress is lovely


  9. Sorry I can't help, but everytime I try to find some help on blogger for something, I just can't find it! Love your hedgie by the way! The previous post said wordpress was lovely - might try it myself!

  10. ohoo I do have a Wordpress blog, I lost it...and have only just found it again!

  11. Hi Lyn, so if I get your last message I should say no backlinks to new posts, is that right? I have changed it, hope it stops the spammers.

    It is only you and them that leave me comments these days!

    Cazzy x


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