Thursday, 7 April 2011

I'm not really an old dragon....

Aggh! (Or should I say Grrrrrr!) we have soo much stuff! Hubby, (John) calls it rubbish, (only of course he says crap) All the stuff we stored in our old caravan, went into the shed (the studio half haha..) when we sold that on ebay a few months ago...yep, someone paid real money for our old caravan (the type you see them blowing up for fun on the telly) But we now need the shed to store all the 'stuff' that is in the spare bedroom~which is going to be my new craft room~(The garage is already filled to the brim) But the shed, which is really two sheds, one half carpeted, wall paper, tv, etc etc and the other, not carpeted or wall papered, just shed-like and cobwebby and filled with 'stuff' we take to car-boot sales and other garden type 'stuff'. Old motors bikes, tables, chairs...cushions...leaky hose pipes, bean poles, and other boxes of 'stuff'.
Well, some of this has been 'got at' by creatures of the night, so this means there's a load of 'stuff' having to go down the tip... Hubby is now in the attic. He says, this is a good time to get into the attic and move some of that 'stuff' to the tip too. Why do we need old dolls prams? (It's a Silvercross dolls pram, that's why!) Old crash helmets? (they can go) 1975 platform boots (Ohoo did I really wear them?) Old coats from whenever? (I'm sure I never wore them!) A yellow and black fluffy Bee custom, complete with antenna, six arms, wings made from coloured tights and loads of glitter, and a sting sticking out of it's bottom? (yes...I did wear that!) and a dragon's head, made of chicken wire, foam, felt, Papier-mâché, with ping-pong balls for eyes.
Now, okay the bee custom is a bit well...tatty and dusty to say the least, and no, I'm not putting it on! I was never good at sewing..and I don't think I need all the extra padding these days! So that can go...but the dragon's head?! I mean, look at him!! Have you ever seen such a sad old dragon!?! Hubby wants to take him down the tip ...I want to keep him. (Remember he's been in the attic since my eldest was at primary school!)
So, I'm putting it to the vote. Dump him or keep him????? It's up to you!!
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  1. Well Lyn, as a hoarder like yourself I vote to keep him. He was made with love and no doubt worn with pride so he deserves to be kept for the next halloween party. Elaine

  2. I think you should keep him.. He's great.


  3. Sounds like a lot of stuff is being moved I hope you soon get sorted and into your new craft room

    Hugs Jackie x

  4. Hi Lyn
    Don't do either - donate him to the local primary school. He could be making appearances on St Georges day, Chinese new year, panto for years to come!

  5. Oh boy, do I sympathise with that lot of sorting out. We started back in August last year, when we decided to have a conservatory. That meant some rewiring, which meant clearing the attic and the so-called spare room (more like a dumping ground), emptying the pantry (Cos the fuse board was in there). We lost count of the number of tip runs. Suffice it to say, we were on first name terms with all the folks down there. Then we started on the lounge, which meant emptying everything in there, into the spare room and the new conservatory. So we now need to sort all that stuff and a few more tip runs. When will we ever get straight. The new carpet for the spare room has been waiting down at the suppliers since last October. Good luck!

  6. My vote isn't worth a nickel. But, maybe your son wants him. Otherwise off to the Sally Ann. I am having issues myself with SOMEONE not wanting to divest of stuff. If you haven't used it a generous two years off with it's head.

  7. To the dump, to the dump, to the dump,dump, dump........Please....

  8. Hi Lyn,

    I´m writing to let you know that I am using some of your bunny freebies for easter cards. Thank you very much for sharing!

  9. Dear Lyn, you can borrow whatever you want in my blog, as I am using your fabulous pics!

    Thanks for the comment, you made me shy now!

  10. Hey Lynnn...My suggestion is like the other Sally...
    Local Primary School...Nursery..Playgroup.
    You wouldn't believe how many things like this I have made for productions...
    They take ages to make..but thre kids love em!


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