Wednesday, 6 April 2011

WOYWW? Just About Everything!

Okay, so I didn't tidy this week in time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! (I made all this mess just making two cards) but good news, we, that's the royal we, spent most of last night clearing out the spare bedroom, wrapping up the double bed in sheets of plastic, as it won't go through the attic hatch and generally moving one lot of 'stuff' to where another load of 'stuff' had been moved from to make way for the second lot of 'stuff'.
I was doodling on the laptop/wacom, (well, I did say the royal we) when hubby yelled, "Hey there's a mouse under this bed!" "Oh no!" sez me, and runs into see, "Is it dead, it is squished?" wondering why it hadn't stunk the house out, thinking it must have been there since Tom and Emma brought their two cats over to stay for a week, months ago... "No... just a bit hairy..!" and Threw it at me!! (aghh!!) It was a toy mouse... (I'm not saying what I did next)
So, here's my messy place this week... (but not for long!) the left...

to the right... jump and and down and ... (no, I'm not going to start singing Agadoo!... didn't people have big heads back then?! ) Anyway... I'm what is known as a 'push back and squeeze in wherever you can get' crafter. Hopefully, I'll have a bit more room in my 'new' crafty space by the end of the week or not. Son-in-law Tom has already suggested we just knock the two rooms together! Now, there's an idea!
Ready to come and join in?? Just hop over to the Queen of all blog hops, Julia and her Stamping Ground and show us yours! (turn off the Agadoo music now...)

***Just wanted to add, anyone listening to Radio Solent in the New Forest Area today, very proud to mention Sister-in-law, Hubby's Sister Deb, is up for An Award as Best Pub Landlady This is her second Award in as many months, and will be on their news! **


  1. Hope you get your craftroom sorted cant wait to see it all Tidy!Happy Creative Wednseday
    hugs judex 9

  2. Good luck with the new crafty exciting :-)
    A x

  3. Thank goodness it wasn't a real mouse!! Good luck to your sister in law!

  4. Lovely desk - sooo much to see! I envy all your lovely stamps and punches! Thank you for the cute freebies! They will come in handy for my Easter cards - just starting them now!
    Lots of hugs

  5. Really busy crafty desk. Thanks for sharing & enjoy your day


  6. hat a fun post, enjoy your new space , and I can just imagine what you did after the flying mouse episode! Have a lovely day!

  7. Hi hun
    lol brill post so much stuff on ya desk, good idea to knock the room into one! lol, oh did ya slap him for chuckin the mouse!!! have good day, thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x(27)

  8. I have way too much stuff too....desk looks fab - I make a mess all the time whatever I make!
    Thanks for sharing your space today. Have a fab week...
    Sarah (sasa at 2)

  9. OMG!! I can imagine what was said to your hubby for that!
    Good to see your desk good and messy again! It just doesn't seem right to have tidy desks, I've just tidied mine and it seems so bare. Will have to remedy that!


  10. Oh yeah, I meant to say, thanks! Now I have that song stuck in my head!!
    Aaaagaaaa do do do....grrr!!!

  11. Looks like a very creative desk!!

    Happy Wednesday ;-)

    Greets Marleen

  12. Wow Wee, just love all that's going on on your desk. Those stamps, those punches, those paper's and promarker's. I just have to come and play!
    happy woyww
    Rebecca (48) x

  13. crafter after my own heart... mess is an essential part of my creative process...Thanks for Sharing and hope you have a happy WOYWW. Caroline (No 31 x)

  14. Fab desk Lyn! Your hubby was cruel throwing that toy mouse at you! Happy WOYWW Hugs Rebekah xx (63)

  15. Oh bollards, read the first two lines and realised I'm supposed to be cleaning the loo (it is my turn and it must be done) sorry - will have to come back later and read promperly ( pooh new word)) promptly and properly)...


  16. WOW this is hard to believe that no one has posted before me! Maybe they just are waiting to be approved! Nice story about the mouse! I hope you get everything straightened away soon. How did the mattress get up there? Thanks for sharing! Vickie #88

  17. Hi Lyn - what a great mess - so much kit!! I'd love to play there. Thanks for popping over to visit - where are you in Hants? My bro lives in Sway. Love for now, from Worcester. xx

  18. This sounds like robbing Peter to pay Paul.Hope you get it all sorted. I have a really funny story to tell about a stuffed mouse. Hugs Mrs A. #67

  19. I always love looking at all your cute stamps lined up on those shelves...I want to pop on over and stamp with them! Had a great time snooping today. Tell me...what does the award for Best Pub Landlady mean? Sounds interesting!

  20. It's good to know I'm not alone in moving stuff to make way for stuff!
    I need to clean the barn of stuff so I can move more out there.

    If my husband threw a mouse, toy or not, at me, his life span would be considerably shortened.

    Thank you for sharing your desk with us.

  21. Hello Lyn, wouldn't it be just perfect if you could knock the two rooms together, it's the sort of thing I dream about but, and here's the rub, I know I would fill the extra space with more stuff - it's just in the nature of the beast :) I wonder what long forgotten stash will you rediscover when you are organising the new craft space! Have a great week working it all out. Elizabeth x #108

  22. So when is the re-modelling of the house starting? Lol!
    Love that idea!

    I can relate to your mouse story because my little man, BoJangles decided to bring me home a rather large gift last night……I live rat.
    Fortunate he dropped it in the hallway and I was able to close all the doors quickly before it scurried off somewhere. The last one took me over two hours to catch but I managed to catch this one pretty quickly in a box and let it go in the street. Horrible things but I couldn’t bring myself to kill it.

    Happy Crafting!

  23. Haha, was it a Penny Black mouse?? Yes indeedy, looks like almost everything you own is on that desk! The thought if you packing it all up, carry it upstairs and unpacking it all again makes me shudder, I can see you working out of boxes for bloody months!!!


  24. SERIOUSLY creative desk you have there! Good luck to your SIL. Is your hubby still alive?

    Hugs, Sandra (No. 66)

  25. Oh! Bet the air was blue in your home then!! Can he see over his bloody nose?
    I would knock the two rooms into one if I were you!!

  26. Oh my, your desk is stuffed full of lovely stuff!! Yuk to the mouse story but glad it was a toy one, my old cat used to bring them in and let them loose in the bedroom and then I would spend half the night trying to catch it... Annette

  27. Argh..hairy mouses!! I know exactly what you said, because I would have said it too!! How I love browsing around your desk shots. And I love tha tyou reckon it only took two cards for it to get like this; I know how that works too!

  28. Seeing your workspace makes me feel so much better about mine, LOL! How is it we need so many different things to make one little card?

  29. Wow, that's a busy desk this week! Mine gets like that when it's 'mid-project' Looking forward to seeing your new crafty space! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Oh my...thanks (I think) for linking to the song... ROFL! and now it's stuck in my head...had never heard it before. And a cluttered desk is a sign that wonderful crafty things have happened there. :) Becky

  31. Sounds like big plans are afoot for your craft space. Don't we all work in cluttered spaces then????
    Congrats to your SIL.
    Hugs Lisax


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