Friday, 1 May 2009

A Flower with A View

This was just the quickest card I could come up with. I suddenly realised I'd have to race the postman to the postbox, and sure enough as I pulled out of my drive, he whizzed passed me like a speeding bullet, but I had an advantage! He had to make one last stop at another postbox, before he hit the Post Office. He swerved left and I chased on to the right, but I got stuck behind a slow old codger, who couldn't see over the steering wheel, in fact I think he's dog was driving! As I got to the main road, there was the postman whizzing by. I'm sure he waved and smiled. Damit! I quickly raced off after him but as I arrived at the Post Office he'd already pulled his post bag from the back of the van and had parcels from the Post Office clutched in his arms! (Note: Postman always move faster than the speed of light when it's nearly tea time!) Two of my letters where ok, I knew they would go ordinary first class, but the third??? A bit lumpy with that shaker topper attached. "I've just got to check it's not too fat" I called to the Postie (I refuse to call it a LARGE letter, when it's so tiny, but a fat one, well, okay.
"Oh...." said the Postie, "it's ok, I haven't emptied the postbox yet."
Luckily the Post Office was empty! But as usual, the Mrs 'Happy' Lady (not) was 'doing' something. (shuffling papers and pretending to write)
"I'll be with you in a minute" she said, not looking up. Her friend in the other cubicle was hidden behind a huge parcel. They then begun to 'talk' about the day in general. I looked out of the shop window and saw the postman heading towards the post box! Key in hand! Oh no!!
Mrs 'Happy', then looks up, and says, "Oh what a shame, I think you've missed the postman..."
"Oh," says me coolly. "He said he'd wait. " I lied,
"Oh, did he? Oh well, that'll be another 22p please (It already had a first class stamp on it) I stick the stamps on and bolt for the door, just as Mr Postie pulls the letters from the post box! Phew! I'd done it! I'd beaten the Postie. "Glad I caught you, I really wanted it to go tonight,"
But then..."Seeing it's a holiday weekend, " began the Postie, "probably won't get to where it's going til early next week..." Bother.


  1. Dear Spydie It's possible to get a "pricing in proportion "ruler made by Helix. I got mine from Staples. I'm so organised I also keep some first class and second class standard and large letter stamps in.Loved that card by the way.

  2. OMG, your post had me laughing my head off! Sorry for your troubles, but it made for a fun blog post, right? And your card is just gorgeous!

  3. i was on the edge of my seat wondering "will she make the post". We have a Mr Happy in our post office i wonder if they're related he he !

  4. whoops meant to say the card is lovely x

  5. OMG hun you do make me laugh your cards are fab love em to bits. I had to answer the door to our postie last week he kept knocking and knocking I thought he go away but no luck.

    So i slightly opened the door put my hand round corner so grab the parcel.

    He said as he left nice pj's by the way.


    love cheryl xxx

  6. What a hoot! Those crazy posties... LOL! Super CUTE card... Such wonderful colors and details!! TFS.. Michelle :)

  7. Ohhhhhhh Lol and wow wow wow you clever clever girl !! Lovin this so much my friend its beautiful.

  8. Thank you all! Betty, I will look out for one of those rulers you mention, then I'll never have to go to the post Office to measure my letters again..or race the Postie! Not normally the type of card I do but it was super quick to make!
    House/dog sitting for the next week...but I have got another shaker card in the camera...not the card...the picture..!

    And Yes!!! Michwot!! Your Mr 'Happy' might know my Mrs 'Happy' but she already has a MR (Not) 'Happy' (He was nice but she's taught him well!

    Hope you're feeling better June!


    Hubby says, I shouldn't leave it to the last minute...but where's the fun in that!

    Saturday, May 02, 2009

  9. Ha ha ha!!! Brilliant!!!
    tune in next week for "Chasing the milkman 'cos I ran outta milk"!!!

  10. hahhahahahahaaha-hic (Oh no!)

    you haven't seen our milk-man!!

  11. Hehehe.....glad to see you're just as nuts on here as you are on our other forum!
    Love your blog - and your cards!
    Thanx for your lovely comms on both my blog and my gallery - it's appreciated Chuck!

  12. Lol Spyder your post had me laughing and on the edge of my seat wondering if you made it in time.

    Great card too by the way

  13. hey you its dippy cheryl here thanks for poping by and commenting on my atcs and cards.

    love cheryl xxxxxx

  14. LOL on your post about you chasing after the postman!

    The card's real lovely!

    xx Esther


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