Wednesday, 17 April 2013

WOYWW 202!

Morning WOYWWers! I'm still very much lost in my craft room, having 'tried' and failed to tidy it, so I sit here sharing my chair with the lodger cat (Jinx) as we are finally trapped in here!! Not a lot has happen here since the time before. My turntable pen holder, still not finished, some freebies from a few magazines and bits left from made cards. I have painted one of the seahorses, now that they are dry, but feel they're too heavy to place amongst flowers, so I may rethink and use acetate or plastic instead. Two cards on the lleft side of the desk are last weeks DT cards, one I wanted to add a bit more to it before I 'posted' it here (it's on the Quirky Blog all ready)and another that OHOO!! no! Don't look! its' for the 'reminder' post next weekend! (Never mind no one will notice and it's not quite finished!) and you know what the challenge is  all ready.
I'm still out of black ink for my printer, so all my sentiments are going to have to be pink or green or...
And talking about the Lodger Cat, (seen here snozzzzzing wiv hubby!) his owners finally saw me out walking round the village (He likes to come with me, wherever I go), I knew  one day they would, just didn't think it would take nearly two years! Anyway, he is now officially my lodger cat, she said he's never stayed put in all his life. Well, I think he does now... Have a great crafty week! Thank you for stopping by and an extra thank you to those of you 'reading' my stories on Wattpad! Now pop over to The Stamping Ground  and join in!


  1. Oh cats are so funny we often joke when we don't see ours for the day that he is off at his other home. Ours tried to follow me the other day when I went for a walk I ended up coming home again and working in the garden instead. I was afraid he would get run over by a car. The people walking there dog thought it was hilarious and said I should put him on a lead. I would miss him terribly if he went walkabout and didn't come back.. Think cats know where they are wanted.
    Sandy :) #18

  2. I think puss knows a good thing when he finds it!Adore that photo of your hubby with kitty cat.Cats aren't silly are they!?

  3. Hi there. How nice to have a look into your world this week. Lots going on. Looking at your photo of the Hubby and cat is making me sleepy!

    Neil #10

  4. Ally Pally WAS fun!! Love the pic of lodger cat and your hubby!! Helen 12

  5. Looks like you have one very contented cat [ and hubby] there today :-)
    A x # 41

  6. Your desk doesn't look untidy to me, just well used! Love that card right at the back - such a cute image.

    I bet your DH won't be too happy about you posting a pic of him having a snooze with the cat LOL!!

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #59

  7. Hi Lyn! Happy WOYWW! Your desk looks wonderfully colourful!! Love your cards and the quirky critters lol. Your cat and hubby look like they are well rested and comfy! Have a great week.
    Janene #8

  8. Hi Lyn your space looks lot neater than mine this week!!! Had to smile re the cat - ours left home all together after we had our first son.Think she was miffed at not getting all my attention any more, went to next door but one!! Think final straw was when my son was caught hanging on to her tail and her feet just kept sliding on the quarry tiles. She back her bag and off she went!!! Happy WOYWW Anne x #62

  9. I think the cat is real comfortable where he is, why would he want to leave. I think the cat has stolen the show this week.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 46

  10. Your desk is filled with fun I see. I love your adorable dragon card! See you are coloring more images too. Distress ink is sitting on my desk too! The pic of your hubby with your lodger kitty is just precious, I think he is happy just where he is! Enjoy the week! Winnie#76

  11. Lovely busy work desk and what a lovely snooze you hubby and the cat seem to be having!

    Happy WOYWW
    Amy #79

  12. so glad you sorted the link probs out, so we could visit :) a busy, busy desk, but don't think much of your helpers *grin* a wonderful pic of them!!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    i overslept, so no. 21 this week...

  13. Love the story of your lodger cat - are you going to rename him now that he "belongs officially" to you?
    Love the look of your busy desk, who cares if some of it is the same as last week?
    Thanks for visiting me earlier - Hugs, Neet xx 5

  14. Honestly? If my room wasn't a "pass thru" between the upstairs and downstairs, I think I could get LOST in here too. DH would have to send in DD as a search party, with a string around her waist or a trail of breadcrumbs LOL.

    Have a happy WOYWW

    MA (4)

  15. Hi Lyn, looks tidy are you only showing the tidy bit then? Love the card at the back of desk. You are certainly honoured with Jinx adopting you - he looks so at home with your husband. Have a great day.... Gill #82

  16. oh good you are there after all just a little blip with the link?
    Your desk is looking good to me some lovely crafting stash there.
    Enjoy your snooze
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #40

  17. That looks like a busy desk indeed!
    Karen #61

  18. Gosh I have SUCH problems scrolling down your blog, drives me balmy but I JUST HAD to reply to your comment about adding PVA to your desk and it making something as it had me ROLF - thanks for visiting me already BJ#1

  19. How cute your little nappers are! lol! Awesome desk. SueC#97

  20. Nice to see your hubby and Lodger cat cuddled up and sharing some quality snooze time! Your desk is looking a little tidier than last week, with some space for crafting available. Happy WOYWW. Thanks for sharing. Caro #120

  21. All your different activities made me smile! I often move from one project to another, changing my mind, getting stuck and moving on ... it's great when it all comes together though! Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz@73

  22. Happy WOYWW I'm sure your cat knows how much you all enjoy his company and it looks like he has a fave spot to sleep :) hugs Nikki 6

  23. I think your lodger cat thinks he's more than a lodger from the looks of him and your hubby! Sometimes animals decide where they are going to live rather than the other way around, and it looks like he adopted you!

    I love the cards on your desk!

    Happy WOYWW, Kathi #109

  24. Your desk looks like a real working desk! I feel like I could just sit down and get busy. I love your cat and hubby, relaxing, hey, maybe we should do more of that! Have a creative week, Hugs, Cathryn #141

  25. Love your busy desk and cute cat. Thank you for sharing. ^_^

  26. So amused with your picture of your husband and Lodger cat! Does he know he's on view? :^) Patsy from

  27. That is a great pic of kitty and hubby Lyn!

  28. Busy desk and what are you planning on doing with the empty tubs on the right?
    Love hubby and cat picture think he's happy we're he is!
    Jackie 13

  29. Now I could do with a little nao like that right about now. I must admit, I can think of worse places to be locked and stuck than my craftroom!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #26

  30. Gosh, you are sooo busy there! Some great card-making happening on that desk though. I love the dragon card!
    The Lodger Cat looks very settled in that photo; we had a lodger cat too - he moved in from next door, after their baby was born, then he just didn't go home.. everyone agreed we should just start feeding him and let him stay - he did, for nearly 7 years!
    Did Lodger Cat's owners say you can keep him for your own cat now?

  31. You know, you can post all the pics of your workdesk you want, but when you top it off with a cat pic, especially one like THAT, well, that sends the art almost out the window, doesn't it??

    #150 this week

  32. Hi Lyn,

    How comfy both the cat and your hubby look! Yep, after two years I'd say he's found the right home for him!! Yay.

    It's Sunday here and I'm finally getting around. My ISP upgraded and that cause a bit of a hiccup.

    Your desk looks great - and there is nothing wrong with pink sentiments!!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (14)

  33. Love that card with the dragon in the back! Lots of goodies there. Lodger Cat is gorgeous, glad he is officially yours. Once they pick you, what can you do : D. Thanks for visiting me earlier in the week. #15


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