Wednesday, 21 November 2012

W.O.(Someone elses) W. This Wednesday?!

It's Wednesday already! WOYWW time! Time to go blogging around the world, first calling in to see Julia's Stamping Ground!! Just to let you know, some of my comments have been  going missing, I don't know how... maybe the blog goblins have grabbed them! I know if you have word code thing on, I  give it two times, then give up and go make some tea...
Right, I'm not home... I'm house/dog sitting, til ages yet... so this is someone else's desk...Their computer scene behind mine... plus Picture of one of the said dogs, a card I went home to get so I could change the spelling mistake...  my little computer mouse..(replacing the old Harry Potter one that no longer works) my wacom...(what I tidy up my digi's with)  an invite to an evenings 'Christmas Tasting' at the local Tesco's store, (nice goody bag last time!) a magazine with a freebie and the scribblings of one of my stories, chapter two has now been loaded  and you can read it  HERE. It's free. There are swear words  starting chapter two ( he was very mad!)  thank you to those of you who have been helping me with my terrible spelling! Next picture.... why I can't do much crafting... the dogs!!
and not just any dogs...  wet dogs. Just got back from their last walk of the evening, it's raining. They weren't as wet as they looked, we'd just played the 'towel game' which they love, so just had to take a picture... bit blurry coz I was giggling too much! That's scanner/printer with me, sooooooooooo this weeks freebie will be a...surprise...I don't know what it will be yet! Happy WOYWW!!


  1. as I recall that particular breed give off interesting aromas when wet -

    still, faces like that, you can forgive them anything,

    dx 58

  2. I'm so impressed that you managed to catch a snap of the towel game.....our two love playing that but go so mad that there is no way I could catch it on camera :-)
    A x #48

  3. Morning, thanks for letting me peek into your creative world this morning.

  4. I missed retuning your visit last week so you are on my list for this week!

    I am off to read your story and feeling very sympathetic to your wet pooch. I'm ready for some sunshine already and it's not even properly winter :)

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (16)

  5. Hi Lyn, I was able to leave a few comments last night, did not realize that Julia was changing the time. But, did not want to miss. The dogs do look kind of funny wrapped in towels. Just wanted to say hi. #82

  6. The dogs look so cute wrapped up in the towels...what breed of dog are they?
    Not a dog person here so have no idea just by looking.

    Well, you sound like you are close to home as you were able to pop home for the card to fix. I guess that means you could pop back for supplies as you need them so creating might work out OK! teehee

  7. Love the look of the towel game, it does sound as if it would be hard to capture! Have a great day. Helen, 9

  8. Oooh it all sounds really busy there - enjoy looking after the dogs they look like they are lovely and cuddly. Thanks for visiting me and yes get a sewing machine - they are such fun!

  9. Hope you are having fun, and it sounds like you are! Are you missing crafting or glad for a bit of a break? Happy WOYWWW xxx Laura #51

  10. Aw, look at the perms on those lovely dogs! Blimey, house and dog sitting at this time of year....will either set you back or force you to be organised about your Christmas preps!!

  11. Hi Lyn,
    I think towels games must be genetically embedded in dogs - maybe humans too? I had a little Jack Russell terrier who loved boistrous tug o'towel.
    I love my Wacom too. It's the best ever tool for computer art and design.
    Have fun in your alternate surroundings. See you soon.
    Ros. #20

  12. Love Airedales... they're so gorgeous! Hope you managed to fit in some crafty stash into your packing and can do a bit, even on somebody else's desk - I'd go into withdrawal otherwise!! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  13. Thanks for visiting me today. I must be weird at someonelse's desk! BJ#5

  14. Those dogs are SO cute! Hope they allow you some time for art/craft? I don't really "get" digi stamps, but I might try and find that cute bear you have put up above.
    Thanks for visiting, and happy WOYWW!

  15. Well Lyn, I think the digi should be a dog as you are surrounded with them. They look so sedate but I guess they are not.
    Enjoy your tie away from home but hurry back so you can craft.
    Hugs and Thanks for visiting me, Neet 47 (one day I will be early instead of playing catch up) x

  16. Sounds like it is a lot of fun house/dog sitting though. Love the sounds of you giggling and drying the dogs after being out in the rain...Did I tell you that I think the chapters are awesome! Looking forward to more! Vickie #2

  17. Have fun looking after the dogs then out your feet up and do some crafty reading
    Jackie 12

  18. Oh my big dogs! Happy WOYWW! Nan 93

  19. What no crafting?! Have fun anyway, we're getting a pup soon so guess I'll be getting right in to the dog drying scene.
    Hugs Erika.

  20. Looks like they had a great walk even in the rain. Enjoy your week.
    Sandra @18

  21. Hullo there Lyn, ah you are really have great fun much fun with those cute dogs totally understand the blurry photo!

    How to get no. 1 - live in Oz is one thing I think as there are not many of here lobbing onto Julia's page, whereas you are all connecting together over in UK and I suspect this has something to do with it.
    Also I always have the radio on and hear the pips at 6am your time or 5pm our time and so jumped over straight away this week.
    ... and phew bet everyone took me totally by surprise actually sort of did not realise till it happened!! there you have another book on it! :D
    Many thanks for popping over and for sharing ~ Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #1

  22. What a pair of rocking pooches! Are the Schnauzers? I love their curly fur. Thanks for sharing! x

  23. What adorable dogs! They have the sweetest faces! :)

  24. LOL, a really funny photo! You are writing a book too? I am impressed.

    Cazzy x

  25. Lucy, Airedales, not Schnauzers!


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