Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Children of The Nebulous. First Chapter of one of my stories.

I'm testing the ground with one of my many stores... not my fav (I'd cry if someone hated that!!) but an old one, which, as yet has no ending. (Only in my head) I'm going to add a chapter at a time, if and when I have time and if anyone likes it....it's sci-fi.fantasy, some romance, a bit of horror, a few swear words...(sorry). There's no naughtiness in the first chapter but there will be just a tad, just to warn you! (and  swearing starts off chapter two) I'm not sure if this link is the right one...try  here. It's all free to join if you want to, you don't have to. Tell me what you think and vote, I'm a newbie so I haven't got many yet. There's bound to be loads of smelling mistakes and bad grammar. The  cover is a picture of a real nebula. I just 'played' with it in PaintNet as that is what I imagined the Nebulous mothership to look like, all those little nobbly bits are the capsules and escape pods and the ISP's  which break away and crash onto a planet.... you'll have to go read it to find out what happens!
The Font I've used is a freebie, it's called Big Log and you can download it here Thank you for stopping by and thank you for poping over and having a read, following and voting!


  1. OMG... AWESOME... I need MORE !!!!!!
    So many images going through my mind ... Wonderful :-D xxxxxx

  2. I read your first chapter. It was very good. I enjoyed it. It moves along which I like. Makes you want to know what happens. Edwina Brown

  3. OMG! awesome sci-fi. Looking forward to the next chapters...when will they be available?
    Very enjoyable reading!

  4. Doing them now Vickie. So glad you liked the first chapter.

  5. You're a natural Lyn!! Congratulations! :0) *hug* Mo x

  6. I'm completely off topic here Lyn. Just come to spread some kindness. Paulette at Create with TLC is having a spread kindness day http://createwithtlc-createwithtlc.blogspot.co.nz/2010/11/30-comments-to-goodie_13.html
    I immediately thought of you and your generosity - thank you for the wonderful images that you create and provide for us as freebies.
    I don't read much anymore - don't seem to have the time or attention span to read much more than a crafting magazine! My daughter loves sci-fi but not sure with your hints above whether this would be appropriate reading for her!

    1. thank you so much! How old is your daughter...I've just remebered I have a fished story I did years ago about a Hamster in the house..with drawings!! oohoo I might load that up!!

    2. umm...just noticed, see,this is my problem, I muddle words, above should read... I have a finished story about a Hamster....

  7. Brilliant sis !!!
    Keep it going .. more chapters
    She who dares wins !!!!!!!!
    Me xxx

    jk rowling the second

    told u you could do it x

  8. Thank you Deb...not using your blog?

  9. I didn't realize you had a special post just for the book so of course I left my comment regarding this awesome start on another post. That is what happens when you go through things backwards. I love when you said "There's bound to be many smelling mistakes and bad grammar." 'Smelling mistakes? You are so funny. That was an attempt as being funny right? it wasn't actually a spelling mistake was it? ;-)


    1. welllllllllllllllllllll, I do get my letters muppled, I mean, muddled! So now, but now I'm not quite as worried about the letters, its the words I type, sometimes have no connection at all to the word I really wanted to use!

  10. THANK YOU! I hope these get published into PAPER! I read BOOKS far better than ebooks. I enjoyed this and would love the entire BOOK!

  11. goody goody goody, i'm so glad, thank you!

  12. Hi Lyn,
    I thought I would start with reading the first book and then progress through the others. I know I sound really stupid here, but where do I click to read the 1st chapter?
    Thank you for your indulgence.

    1. It's very muddling at first!
      takes you to where I am scroll down to find 'My Works' the title of each story is in blue, click on the one you want or
      or at the top is a drop down bar, so if you've read chapter 1 you can choose another, OR once you've read it, at the end of the chapter, there should be a blue link to the next! I think you can only comment, follow and vote if you join, its free, just use a sign in name and that's about it! You can read anyone's story, some have millions of votes and reads...some are really good, others are just really really bad!!


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