Wednesday, 31 October 2012

WOYW...Wednesday? Nothing!

Hello WOYWWers! Happy Halloween! It's taken me all week... but at last, after months, I have a tidy-ish craft room...of course the hall is full of  piles of crap, but I won't mention that!  Hubby says he's going to change the opening of my door, so I don't have to squeeze in between the thing on wheels and the shelves behind the door that stop it opening fully. Moved a few things. Not sure I like my little useful boxes under the shelf... might change that back. Pop over to Julia's blog, Stamping Ground! and join in with the biggest blog hop ever! Catch you later!!

That was short...where's Lyn and what have you done with her?


  1. Well your desk might be clean but I'm loving the peak at all what's around your desks talk about a yummy place to play :) hugs Nikki C #6
    and sorry to have bumped yah to # 12

  2. so very tidy, I have to do that tomorrow! wish mine was nice and organized like yours, I have to start so that I can find stuff again!

  3. Your desk looks like a candy shop from this angle!!! Patsy from

  4. Gosh so much to look at in your room, love it.
    Elaine #27

  5. The teddy card that is on your desk looks so cute.. Your desk looks like its all ready for action. Have a great Halloween. Sandy :) #42

  6. Yes, where is Lyn????! Nice tidy desk, wonder how long it will last.....Have a great day. Helen, 4

  7. OMG - cathartic crap clearing????

    I am soooo impressed, a rehung door should be the least of your rewards!

    dxxx ( 70 something)

  8. Great looking desk and craft room Lyn! I am always shifting things about in my room. Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #39

  9. What a fabulous space! Well done for cracking on with the tidying, now get back to crafting ;0)
    ENjoy the rest of your WOYWW :0) x

  10. What a lovely interesting workspace. i know what you mean about the boxes under a shelf. Evey time I wanted one I would have to move the accumulated 'stuff' in front of them. But i love the way you have so much of your stash ready at hand. The sun is so bright in this room that I have to keep everything out of sight, and rummage for it when I want something!
    thanks for calling by my desk so early.
    Kate x #82

  11. I'm sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don't catch anything. I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it's better than reading magazines :-) ]. I'm leaving a copied comment so you know I've called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
    Big hugs,
    A x #93

  12. I just love seeing a brilliant craft room and this is one of them! Fantastic place to have fun. Karen T 96 x

  13. Love the shots. Seen a few today using a rail for punch storage, keeping that idea in mind for when I redo my room.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #90

  14. wow! that is what I call tidy! Can you come and tidy up my craft room please???? :-)
    Lots of hugs,

  15. Gosh you are looking organised. I like the little RUBs under the shelf. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @102)

  16. I love those little Really Useful Boxes, they are so useful. However I have managed to lose one out of the set, so DH is off to Staples later to find a replacement. Thanks for showing us all your lovely things. I was impressed with you having two self heal mats. That is serious crafting. xx Maggie #44

  17. WoW. Where is Lyn, really? Your desk looks great..but I'm with you on the little boxes under the'll be driven mad by taking them all out to get at one. I think. Other than that, the door thing....after it's done, be careful about walking into it...really, old habits etc!!

  18. Good grief Lyn! If you heard a dull thud, that was just me fainting on this side of the pond!!! I don't think I've EVER seen your craft mat before!!

    Brenda 1

  19. I think your desk has a 'ready to go' look. Sometimes it's so refreshing to clean everything. For me it feels like there are a lot of new ideas coming into my mind. Very sweet when your hubby wants to make your craft room as comfortable as possible. Thanks for sharing. Bye, Franka #49

  20. well, gee, that desk looks so inviting...I might have to come over there and make a mess LOL! happy WOYWW! Lindsay #97

  21. Oh my Lyn what came over you, such order its amazing it looks unusual for you, I hope you find your goodies amoung all those boxes. hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  22. the room looks fab you have been busy.. and I'm sure the hall will soon be just as perfect.all ready to get crafting..I'm loving all the goodies I can see my idea of heaven .. hope you have a fab creative week x #77

  23. WoW! I loved looking at all your stuff. You really have everything right there in front of you..looks easy to grab...I understand about squeezing in ... We are looking for a new home (first one in 30 years) and all I look for is a big enough craft room, and kitchen...I can't seem to find both in the same house!

  24. I love the clean desk! Mine is a disaster, as always!

    Happy Halloween and WOYWW!
    Katie #114

  25. That looks good! I hope you have fun continuing to get your craft room just how you want it! I'd love a room that big all for crafts!


    ps thanks for telling me my pictures weren't working. I've attempted to fix them now :)

  26. Wow. Tidy. Very organised. Lovely space, now you just need to get in the door!
    FAMFA 10

  27. Everything looks great! Ready to create a new mess? Tamika #112

  28. You look very tidy ...the little boxes look good there ...are they just not working? ...and yes that was a short one lol xx#101

  29. Great room but never seen it so tidy! LOL Hope you have fun messing it up again. :)

  30. Please would you like to come and show me how to achieve this on my desk!!!! Just can't get that much space cleared!
    Love the boxes under the shelf - in just the right place to grab without getting up or reaching too far.....
    Have a good crafting week now - you deserve it!

  31. I think your shelving system is fabulous. Hope the new door plan works well for you.
    blessings from Angela

  32. VERY tidy, Lyn--I've honestly started to try to tidy up my main space, but it's slow going . . .

    Maybe someday it will look as fine as yours!

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww,
    #32 this week

  33. I had some small boxes tucked under the shelf/overhang on my desk and it turned out that was a real pain. There was always piles of stuff in the way so you couldn't get the little boxes out. I guess it depends on how clean your desk usually is and how often you access them. It is great to see the desk so tidy. You'd better mess it up soon though. It's only right.

  34. It all looks highly organised to me, Lyn. I like the look of the RUBs under the shelf, but looks aren't everything - it's using them that counts!! Great that your hubby helps you organise your room - mine was a star when I first set it up, and then I said "I'm not quite happy with it... I think it needs changing round again" and he legged it to the hills lol! He came back pretty quick though and helped me again, bless his heart!

    Thanks for your nice comment. The bottle you asked about is only a water spritzing bottle - nothing like spray-on Vodka to keep Shoshi going into the small hours, or anything like that!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #21

  35. Looks pretty organized to me! Glad you enjoyed my "fairy dust" (not snow LOL) Sandi #27

  36. Wow Lyn I thought for a moment it was someone else's desk - only joking and well done on the big tidy up. Just about finished getting my stuff downstairs and in some order. Sort of lost my way a bit now though - thanks for fab frebie. Anne x #142

  37. A great craft space - very organised I'd say - especially in comparison to my room this week!
    Bernice #7

  38. Awesome!!! I love it when I can see the top of my desk! (Happens so rarely! lol.) Looks great! Everything is so organized! That's so nice of your hubby to offer to fix you a new door! Hope you're having a great week! :)

  39. Loving the neat desk and everything in it's place....I dream of the same...maybe one day!
    Happy crafting and thanks for sharing, hugs Erika. 118

  40. It's a process. Arrange, test, re-arrange, test, do it again and again and again till you find the magic arrangement that makes your crafting life easier! I tend to expand UP (on top of things) but sometimes that results in a sore head when something comes tumbling DOWN :)

    Happy day-after WOYWW

    MA (2)

  41. Lovely and tidy - can you visit my blog please.

    Hugs, neet

  42. Congrats on the tidiness!Interesting work space

  43. Wow Lyn, that is amazing. I so want to come and play with all your gorgeous stuff, even more so now that I can see it! Thanks for sharing Caro #80

  44. Well, I'm rather late getting here this week, but I did it! And it was well worth it, too - wow, tidy space!!!!

    Congrats on the potential door rehang, by the way....

    Morti #49


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