Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's WOYWW Time Again!

Welcome WOYWWers! Happy Leap Year Day!! And for those of you who's birthday it is today...ah shame! I did get round most of you last week, but only commented on about half. Sorry! What with 'Problem Loading Page' and the comment box not opening and now, most of you seem have a double word puzzle to get through... You would not believe how many times I try to type in the letters before I get it right. Why do they have to be so fuzzy?!? (That's because you had the wrong glasses on Lyn) Anyway!!! Thank you to everyone who called in. Hope you're all fit and well! Here's my mess this week! Yep, just noticed, that yellow punch is still there! (That's what I swapped for the yellow lid last week! Nuff say! I've given up on trying to tidy it up! If you want to join in too. Take a pic of your crafty space and link up with The Stamping Ground!! That's it! It's very late... and I haven't drawn the Freebie yet! Bye for now! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lots of interesting things in your busy workspace. Oh I totally agree about the blogger words that are so hard to decipher (Hazel, WOYWW# 5) x

  2. I have to agree with you on that word verification. I simply can't understand why ANYONE would use it. And it's fuzzy with any eyesight! Happy Leap Year day to you, too, dear and happy WOYWW from #3.

  3. Wow...what a mess...and loving every bit of sneaking and peeking on your desk of goodies.

  4. Totally agree with that word verification needs to come off, I said to someone the other day that it had taken me 6 goes to post and the poor girl did not know that it was on!! then she turned it off, thank goodness!!Busy desk this week with lots going on!!! Hugs May x x x

  5. You've got so many interesting things on your desk, I could look at it for a while.

    Is that a bottle of beer over to the left? I'd love a beer right about now... ;-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #33

  6. I had to stop by and take a look! Thanks for sharing, it is always so much fun to see what others are doing.
    this week at #42 on WOYWW

  7. Hi Lyn,
    It wouldn't matter what glasses you have on, word verification is tough! I love the looks of your desk this week. Lots of nice markers just waiting to be used.

    Happy WOYWW

  8. Yep, I'm with you word verification is a pain. It can be hard to get around to everyone ... we can only do so much.

  9. I agree that the word verification is such a pain! Some don't realize the effort that goes into making a simple comment! But maybe most don't know how to turn it off!
    My son's birthday is on the 28th, good thing!!! Happy WOYWW! Patsy from

  10. I agree with the word verification thing. And May, I also didn't know it was on, but some dear WOYWW blogger talked me through turning it off. dani43

  11. I always love looking at all the doo dahs on your desk! Always interesting! And I can not read those dang verifications either!

  12. Hi Lyn, ditto all above comments on the word verification.Maybe we should all let Blogger know this!
    Love your table.Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.Come again!!

  13. Howdy,

    Nice collection of markers.
    Happy WOYWW!

    Would love for you to stop by when you have a moment or 2!


  14. I turned mine off last week. It was nearly driving me crazy to decifer the words on all the other posts...ugggh...not fun.

    The Happy Mothers Day ribbon jumpoed out at me. We celebrate this in May and I had better get cracking on my card for Mum.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  15. Yes I hate the double word verification - why do blogger have to keep fiddling!!!
    Great desk - never mind tidying - if I were to tidy, I'd have no time to craft... (that's my excuse!)
    Helen, 32

  16. Lyn youve got busy desk hun!I am so with you on word verification takes me 3 times to get it right .ive deceided need to go get eyes
    Have fab wednesday
    hugs judex10

  17. I'm with you on those mad fuzzy words.... I've got better to do and so has everyone else!
    Love the pen fight on your desk... which one won?
    Thanks for visiting!
    Love JoZarty x

  18. Lots of fab stuff going on, pens and punches, can't go wrong there! Happy Wednesday to you, enjoy this week's snoop of oh so creative places & take care. Zo xx 83

  19. Let's set up a 'I hate word verification' club, maybe we can get Julia to make us some badges. I took mine off when someone pointed out the problems - didn't even know I had it.
    Busy desk this week, lots to see.

    Ann B
    My blog candy ends Thursday if you are interested (and no word verification)

  20. Looks like a very creative desk! I'm giving Pro Markers a try. I think I like them!

  21. Hi Lyn, you have me hooked on Wednesday now, You are always such a busy lady and your desk shows it. I am posting mine now.

  22. I am so with you. Those damned letters are driving me to distraction! Awful, at least give us something we can read first time off - and just one word please. Meant to mention on my blog.
    Mega busy looking desk today. Hope all is well. I've sent you an email.
    Hugs, Neet xx 19

  23. No! Those word verification thingies ARE blurred and quite, quite difficult to read. Your workdesk looks so exciting ... such a lot going on! Am not into colouring or Pro-markers myself but it sure looks like you had fun. Happy WOYWWing. Debbie #89

  24. Your desk looks very busy lol like your little jars cute image. Totally agree with that word verification needs to come off drives me nuts ll
    Anne-marie no 18

  25. love all the markers your desk looks awesome!

  26. I am definitely with you on that Word Verification thingie. I met so many last week, and even with perfect vision they are fuzzy. Like others I had to have several goes at some of them, which meant that I missed visiting many others. Why would anyone want ot use it when Comment Moderation is far more effective at weeding out the spams. Back to the desk bit, I like the look of all those pens ready or left over from a project. I really fancy getting mine out again for a play. Thank you for visiting today, and actually DH looks a lot younger that his years, although perhaps not quite as young as his birthdays. Have a good week, and death to the WV forever. xx Maggie #9

  27. You have a fabulously creative desk Lyn (well, that's better than saying it's messy isn't it - lol)

    Thanks for already visiting mine x

    Sherry - WOYWW #6

  28. Love the little hedgie! So cute. Enjoy WOYWW Karen 125 x

  29. Love the little hedgie! So cute. Enjoy WOYWW Karen 125 x

  30. You are always so busy ...and your desk such fun to nose round ...I love your bear, above xx

  31. Hello!

    I see lots of interesting things on your workdesk! Your sweet Dotty Daisy is a wonderful little bear! Wishing you a happy day today with the extra 24 we have in February this year!


    Barbara Diane

  32. I find if you take the green with blue spotted pills with those other ones the fuzziness is not so bad, and you can type the words more easily, this week I have only visited you.

    now i'm going to go and watch master chef.

    and I'll visit others tomorrow or friday....after the right pills

  33. A fab messy desk Lyn - love it. I hate that word verification thing - it's impossible to decipher some of them. Happy WOYWW. Anne x

  34. Looks like you've got some fun things planned! Happy WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #93

  35. Hi there, I'm a bit behind but wanted to pop my head round the door and say hello. Hoping you have a good and creative rest of the week.

  36. Arghhhh @ the word thingy' I can't tell what the words are with the right glasses on. My desk ends up like that when i have been colouring. The sitting teddy is very cute so have saved her to my pc, with your details so if i ever do come to use a digi stamp i can remember where she came from! Thank you for sharing your talent. Hope you have a good week Lou x

  37. A lovely busy and creative desk Lyn :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  38. oooh it looks like there has been some colouring going on there :o) I hate the word V thing too, drives me mad! x

  39. Here Here - ban WV....hate it and keeps me away. great colouring collection there! Thanks for sharing your space Sarah at 1 - having a peek on Friday!

  40. Looks like your desk is calling to you. LOL Word verification. NO. There is another one that once you hit publish takes you to another screne and you have to type your e-mail and password and hit publish again. I many times do not comment because it becomes time consuming & frustrating. Sorry folks. If someone finds that mine is switched on some how, e-mail me and I will take it off once again.#

  41. Thanks for a peek at that very busy, busy desk. Have a great week. #160

  42. Running late this week... Love your busy and creative space. :)

    Happy WOYWW!


  43. I'm running really late this week - so have ducked in under the wire for a visit to your blog.

    The double word puzzle is really annoying me too, but I find it helps if I half close my eyes - it cuts out some of the interference caused by the fuzziness and makes the letters sharper. Word Verification should be banned!

    Love the creative clutter on your desk this week!

    Morti #58

  44. Hi there, this is my first week visiting WOYWW so thank you for letting me take a peek. I'm trying to visit everyone before next Wednesday.
    Phewph...there's a lot of talent out there.
    I've just taken word verification off my blog...I have to admit I didn't know I had it on!

    I've also only just found my art mojo after 12 years (no idea where it went but thankfully it's found me again)

    Sorry must dash to get through to everyone :D


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