Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wow! Its A Wizardry Wednesday

Wizardry Wednesday? Well it is for me! Yay! Off to see Harry Potter as soon as I get home from work this afternoon, so!! This is what's on my work desk this Wednesday. My doodlings for this weeks freebie. If you scroll all the way down to the next'll find Wizardry Whiskers.
Also on my bench are some loo rolls...(yes...there are rather a lot of those!) a Harry Potter disc... (I hasten to add, it's not a real disc, I asked Hubby to print a Harry Potter cover onto a disc so I could turn it into a wall hanging or something, it already has holes in it.) ...a box with draws I might paint. (last painted in the 70's with 'pine' paint!) In front of it is a spotty bit of blue paper, part of a 5 pack freebie from Crafts-on-the-net HERE) just click the mag! might have to login though) ...cup of cold tea, bits of jigsaw left over from my Sunday card... Apart for all that, it's reasonably tidy (for me!)
So, I'm not here, this is on timer (hoping the morning will whizzzzz by so I can go and see Harry Potter in 3D!! anyone would think I'm about 6!!)
Now, if you want to join in, just wave your wand, jump on your broom stick or just disapparate over to Professor Julia's Stamping Ground, add your link to the port key and join in!
New Followers!! {{{Hi and a Big wave}}} to Mina and Kristie both with fabulous blogs!! Go and have a snifters!!
Bye for now!!

Wednesday Freebie...scroll down or click here



  1. I think your work space is fabulous..for you..I would get have to put everything away as soon as I'm finished..then start all over again..sad..I know..
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. What will you do with all those loo rolls? So much going on here today.
    Got my broomstick at the ready but the black cat wont come in the house cos of my dogs! :-)
    A x

  3. Great space, Lyn. Enjoy HP.... I'm about 3 films behind at the moment....

  4. Thanks for sharing the desk! We sent our SIL to see Harry opening day, and she loved it! We are waiting for our oldest to get back from summer camp (2 more weeks! Ahhhh!). Can't stand the suspense! Enjoy it!- Amanda #45

  5. Didn't realise HP was in 3D - now got DH looking up where our nearest cinema is. Got to see this soon. Have a lovely afternoon.
    Look forward to seeing the loo rolls in action.

    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet x #3

  6. I love Wizardy Whiskers! We went to see Harry in 3D on Friday, and again in 2D last night - worth every penny! It's fantastic, enjoy!
    Helen S

  7. oooh what are you going to do with all the loo rolls?? hmmm... Lots going on on your desk this week as always. Enjoy Harry Potter! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Enjoy harry potter bet its fab! Happy WOYWW Hugs Rebekah #60 xx

  9. Hmmmm loo rolls???? I really wonder what will emerge from them ha, you are a Harry Potter fan??? I have the dvds but I just never have the time watch all of them - I will do one day!
    Thanks for the freebie - all in Harry Potter style!
    Lots of hugs,

  10. always such a fabulous place of creativity! Enjoy the film...
    Thanks for sharing today!


  11. Busy, busy girl! Have fun at HP!!! =D Tomorrow you'll have to let us know how fabulous it was so we can all be jealous. lol

  12. Lots going on on your desk! Enjoy HP, I have to wait until next Wednesday to see it. Can't wait :o)

  13. As my cats are called Ron and Harry, you might guess that we're Potter potty in this household too!! Fab, crazy desk - love your wizard whiskers :D xx

  14. Hi hun
    lovely creative desk, great image, now what is to become of all loo rolls?? Enjoy the film, thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  15. I'm clearly clueless - what are loo rolls? I find it amusing that with all the space you have, you've allowed yourself a tiny postage-stamp area in which to create! Hah! I can relate! LOL

  16. I waited as long as I could for your post before falling asleep last night. Sorry. Yep, you ARE six. I've never seen a single Harry Potter film or read a Harry Potter book. I must be daft! Love your spirit, though. I totally approve of your love for Harry. I did get a chance to see an interview with all the main characters on a CNN special last Sunday. It was an hour long show and I was able to see how those kids aged over the course of these movies.

  17. I am curious about the loo rolls - are you trying to work out how much you are using or are you going to make something?
    Enjoy HP!! Looking forward to CARS II this weekend!!

  18. Cant wait to see what you magic up with the loo rolls. Hope you enjoy Harry potter ...DD saw it yesterday and said it was brilliant....I just wait til the DVD is out lol LOVE that feline wizard xx

  19. Hi Lyn!

    I am just here to say how I Loved your wizard cat freebie! Thanks for sharing!

  20. lots of stuff on those shelves..Love our print, have fun at the movie. Quite curious on the rolls..I've seen some cute ideas.

  21. Hi and yes I too am curious about the loo rolls. Hope you enjoyed HP. My eldest GS is called Harry - he is 6 and I think he's magical. Love your desk as always oh and thanks for the freebie. Anne x

  22. ooh, that a lot of loo rolls....are you auditioning for Blue Peter? ;-)

    Hope you enjoyed HP - hope to see it in 2d (not a 3d fan) soon.


  23. Hi there Lyn, or Spyder... lovely post as usual and cute freebie also... hope the movie lived up to your expectations, and enjoy the dvd when it comes out too.. never read the books and only watched first one of the movies and bits of the others so not really good on it have a smattering of knowledge. happy belated WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.x

  24. I'm very very late. I hope you enjoyed the film..I'm two behind now, so can't see this one yet! DD loved it.
    Your desk is looking incredibly organised and productive. Am jealous!!

  25. What are you going to do with all those loo rolls, Lyn?
    Hope you enjoyed Harry Potter.
    Hugs Lisax #72

  26. Thanks for your comment on my blog, . I laughed when I read it because it is so true. I have another organizer under my table with lots of other stuff. It got too full so I pulled out the new one and decorated it with ribbon.


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