Wednesday, 7 April 2010

WOYWW? or Where's Your Work Top??

Welcome to my work desk on a Wednesday...
I know I'm messy, but I like to think I'm creative. I was called a daydreamer at school and sometimes lazy because I spent most of my time daydreaming but my head was sooo full of all the things I needed to do, a jumble of pictures that I just had to get down on paper as quickly as possible, which of course no one could read! And I'm still the same. Only now I get to take pictures of whats in my head, and of course it takes some one just as confused as me to see what's really going on!
Take the Talc for instance... who can guess what that was for?? The open folders?? Someone on a forum wanted 'wood'... the other folder ... a challenge wanted us to use our own papers... but of course I've forgotten who!! And the secret code of letters ? (C's and D's and L's?) that turned up yesterday, ah but you'll never in a trillion years guess what that was for!
So, this is 'What's on My Workdesk Wednesday', what's on yours? Take a picture and join us over on Julia's blog. It's very addictive... So addictive you get to see what's on my dinning table too... oh look, my new Tesco's jar full of ribbons (only £1. That was a WOYWW tip!) but no coffee cup this week and nope, you're not seeing my sofa, but that's covered as well!
This is on timer, so I hope it works...I'll catch you when I get home, and hopefully I'll remember where I'm going...unlike last Wednesday when I went somewhere else.


  1. OMG, lol, where is the bit you work on lol, thought I was a messy crafter this is unbelievable lol, have a fun day and hope you find a little space to play lol ju x

  2. Hi Lyn ... how did you end up somewhere else!lol.. great to see your desk again this week. You look as busy as always. :) & so organised with your files. :) I have no idea what the talc is for but I look forward to finding out. :D
    Have a great Wednesday. Ooooh we've got the same jars for our ribbon!Gez.xx

  3. Hi Lyn
    Well that makes 3 of us with the jars for ribbons, very creative looking desk mine has had a tidy so very sterile looking prefer to be round at yours where it looks a hive of activity.
    Christine x

  4. Good morning Lynn, your crafting space looks perfect to me, you can't find anything when you have a tidy crafting space, then spend half your time looking for things. I can never find anything after ive tidied up!! hope you have a busy crafting day! hugs Linda x

  5. LOL I'm sure your from another don't half brighten my day by making me laugh so so much lol

    Talc? lol no idea...

    hugs shell xx

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  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. OMG hun all those stamps wow how many are there,great picture hun hugs cheryl xxx

  9. It's just creative clutter Lyn :) Talc - for using as an anti-static before stamping?
    Anne xx

  10. Talc? perhaps you don't like messy fingers and use it to lubricate the rubber gloves so they slide on easier?! LOL
    Fabulously messy space but creative no doubt :)

  11. Love all your crafty clutter :-)
    A x

  12. The files kinda giveyou away as more organised than the tabletops look...I cannot work out the L,C,D chart, but I did try!! Loved lookng around today. Yougotta thing for Penny Black and Forever Friends then?!!

  13. love the clutter, very creative. I would guess the talc is for detacking ezmount before you cut into it, so it doesnt glue up your least thats what i use it for.

  14. That's one busy desk!!! I love how you have all your stamps facing you as you craft! tons of inspiration!!!

  15. there is always so much going on on your desk. Hope you end up in the right place today. D C L? No idea, hope you're going to let on.

  16. I love your desk hunny it reminds me of what happens to mine when I get going!! looks so creative this week, {{hugs}}mandyxx

  17. are the letters on the piece of paper how you're gonna crack the da vinci code Lyn??? LOL....

    nice to see the resident mug on the desk... i would be worried if that wasn't there !!!

    PAula x x x

  18. A snoop around your desk is always a treat! So much stuff! Love it!!!!

  19. It may be a little messy but it certainly looks creative.
    I do love your stamp display, it must be so inspirational to you.
    Clare x

  20. Hi Lyn another messy day by the looks of things, do you ever find what you want. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  21. hiya, yeah ezmount may be ez but it is darn sticky, once I have filled a sheet of it with unmounted stamps, I sprinkle talc between them in all the gaps before i start cutting them out. It really does help...and obv plain old talc doesnt hurt your stamps. Dont use shimmery talc as a friend of mine did, her stamps still sparkle years later lol

    The rack on the left of my desk is an Ikea dvd rack, filled with white dvd cases , one on every other shelf. All my promarkers rest on them.

    I got the idea from here .

  22. Who cares about a space to craft on ....just shove a few bits towards the back ...throw a file on the floor ..and hey presto
    Can I come and play lol

  23. Sorry I am a day late ... I am with Darcy on the talc thing and that is n't messy ... it's erm ... yeah alright ... it is messy *LOL*

  24. I understand your notes and need to get things down on paper lest you forget - it's something I do! I also have difficulty reading and understanding them a week later. ikki

  25. You crack me up, I'm laughing out loud that you went somewhere else last Wednesday, loved the glimpse into your mind, is it as cluttered as your desk!!???

  26. I think the crafty clutter is a sign of a creative mind so just go with the flow!!

  27. OH...THANK YOU for the ideas on using talc with EZ Mount. That will help me so very much. I love how your mind works. You look like you have a lot going on there.

  28. Yay for the mess! Looks like a creative space to me... Jenny x

  29. Love to see your workspace Lyn - a cluttered desk is a sign of hard work ya know, and it's just great that you share it with everyone 'cos it's so flippin' interesting, just like your blog stories! Thanks for letting me know about my photos being OK when you enlarge them - I'm really pleased about that.
    I should keep the pizza cutter for John's scrumptious pizza's! I'm still dreaming about them by the way!!!!
    Lots of love, Sylvia xxx

  30. some one after my own heart, I was beginning to think I was the only one with a messy desk! Thanks for visiting my blog today ;o)


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