Wednesday, 28 April 2010

It's WOYWW Again!

I really do wonder where the days go. When I was little, minutes were hours, hours were days and days...well, they took ages! Monday morning at school was groanably slow and Friday seemed to be somewhere half way across the other side of the world!
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, has, without a doubt become a cult, it grows every week, it's addictive, so much so, I had to rush into to my crafty room and remove old cups of cold tea, bowls of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, and plates of chocolate bisqwits, then push things back so I could at least see my bench (bench rather than desk as it's made of MDF or is that MFI??)
I'm actually still doing most of my crafting in the living room on the dining table but that (even tho it was tidied away for Sunday lunch) is now even messier than I care to admit to! I can hear myself saying, "Agh! It's got to be tidier than that, I have to take pictures!" Hubby, who has been wondering for some time now, what colour our living room carpet was, thinks it's all very strange as he tunes in to Create and Craft to see what all the fuss is about! So, anyway, here's a few pictures of my crafty space late last night (as this is on timer and I'm most probably wrestling with six chickens, two dogs and a hoover!
1) The first new 'frog' punch and the freebie Laura Ashley calendar I found while tiding up. And my 4th Tesco jar for ribbons! (bargain £1)
2) A new Tilda on the little shelf at the back. Her face is too blotchy , the one that's been there for weeks and weeks is now on a card even tho I wasn't going to use her as her arm had 'bled'
3) Little frogs (the punch is really rubbish and won't last long) The pink Lady ATC was made on My Craft Studio...I've only got the freebie version and all my add ons were freebies too. There's some shaker toppers, as I want to make a shaker ATC .
4) I took a close up of the 3D foam squares because of the price! 69p from Trago Mills. (Cornwall) Here, in Hampshire, I have to pay 99p to £1.20!!(rotters!) for the same thing! Don't look at the mermaid, I don't like her eyes...and her head's too big!! And I had to do her boobs again cos they were all wrong, although hubby thought they were ok! So!!! If you want to join in, take a few pictures of wherever you craft, the floor, the hayloft, the shed, anywhere!! and hop over to Julia's, Stamping Ground blog, or just come for a visit!! It's world wide now you know!!!
Ps. Thank you Julia for 'linking' me last week!


  1. You always have such a busy space with so many lovely things to rummage through. Thanks for shairing it.
    A x

  2. Hi Lyn
    great creative looking desk, these jars are great asda has sold out Im hoping they get more in, I have that calendar as well lovely colours in it. The pink and purple stick ons look lovely at the back.
    Christine x

  3. Hi Lyn
    wow great piccie of your desk so much to look at, oh great idea for ribbons, as you can see mine need a sort out! lol, have good day, sue,x

  4. I see desk!!!!yay! well done on pushing stash back, but I do love how you have such a busy desk, its amazing!
    hugs mandyxx

  5. I would love to put all my stamps out like this lol they look fab!

    Love Dawn xx

  6. Hi there...Loved looking at all your stash and had to chuckle at your 'hubby not knowing what colour the carpet is anymore'
    I am a bit smug at the moment looking at all the cluttered desks and hearing all the groans about not being tidy. I had a good clear out a few weeks ago and turned my craftroom back into a clear dining space! It's working for me and I feel so much better when I craft!

  7. Men and their mermaid chests!! What will you do with the frogs?
    Those ATCs are lovely on earlier blog too.

  8. You sure have got some fabby things, I had to zoom in on this lot to have a good gander!
    Did you draw that fabby mermaid?

  9. Hehe I've had a steady stream of cups of tea today with being at home, and got around to taking some old cups down to the the dishwasher this morning!
    I love the "vintage" style lady on your card!!
    Esme xx

  10. Love all your stamps out like that.

  11. Am loving the idea that you rush around collecting the empties before you can photo for WOYWW! It is also of huge interest to me that you use your foam ds fromthe bottom up....there must be a psychiatrist that would love to make a study of the reasons for our habits!

  12. Phew I read that without taking a breath , did you type it that like that! You look (and sound)very busy. Hugs Pam x

  13. Yes I swigged my tea yesterday-it was stone cold yuk I'd picked up the wrong cup. Must remember to remove half drunk cups of tea. Hugs BettyXXX

  14. I love your Tilda sitting on your stamps.

  15. Your right the weeks just fly by don't they Lyn, I said the same this morning.
    I love how you store your stamps on the shelf wish I had space to have mine out like that but I wouldn't be able to see the telly while I craft if I did
    Anyway lovely desk today darling
    Hugs Susie xx

  16. Now that was a good snoop mission :)

  17. Oh how fun! It's fun to see that other people have multiple half started things and discards that may get used in the future all layered, this all looks very familiar to me LOL! Happy crafting.

  18. The mermaid looks great to me! Poor Tilda, blotchy face and bleeding arm :( Liked that you had Tilda and another figure in amongst the stamps. What are the flowery things? Is that your wedding pic? - close-up please :) hehe had to laugh at your 'code'
    Anne xx

  19. fantastically busy space again, I love coming here! Thanks for stopping by mine, I hope you try grungepaper soon, it's fantastic!

  20. I wish I had room too for a stamp display ... oh and some chickens ;0)

  21. Fab stamp display, and like the photo canisters full of buttons and beads.

    Nicki, xx

  22. WOW! I love your stamp collection. I have got a border punch like that. I use mine alot.Thanks for letting me have a peek! Kathleen x

  23. Wow Spyder. I love it that you have such a sweet and understanding husband. You have a lot of punches, and I'm sorry to hear the little frog isn't going to last long. I have some like that, too. You end up beating on them to get them unstuck and try everything in the world to make them work one more time.

    Thanks for letting me snoop Have a happy WOYWW while wrestling 6 chickens, two dogs and a hoover. At least hubby will know the color of the carpet.

  24. Hi Lyn, wow still a bit messy but you are getting there love at least it shows you work hard.
    Ive hundreds of sticky buds (or pads) I will send you some of them as I very rarely use them I prefer foam tape not so many bits to take of.
    Ill get to it now, should get them by Friday with any luck. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  25. I love the way you store your stamps and the mermaid is very good! Have a wonderful week! Tracey x

  26. Yummy stamps and I was trying to get a closer look at your little dollies amongst them! Juliexx

  27. Love your stamp shelf, and you are certainly a busy bee! ikki x

  28. love that you have so much space, and stash. Wish I could spread out like that.

    chickens? you have fresh eggs?

  29. Wow love that Zentangle mermaid, what a lot going on, fabulous.

  30. Fabulous workspace, I love all your bits and bobs.


  31. Amazing workspace...I love all what's going on!


  32. Hiya

    I always like coming over to see your desk there is always so much going on. I often wonder who sped time up! it was the same for me when little


  33. Wow what a lot of yummy things on your desk so much going on. Lynne x

  34. oh what a fun post!!!!!

    thanks for your sweet comments you leave for me..
    hugs, Janiel

  35. lovely mess! I know exactly what you mean with the punch =)

  36. When I finish reading your posts, I usually have a smile on my face.

    I hated punches as they either didn't work for me or ... they died after 6 or 7 goes ....until I found MS ...shame they are so pricey.

  37. Loving your workspace...I think a trip to Tesco might be called for those jars are a fab idea!

  38. Love love your workplace. I was sooo eying all your stamps...and punches. Awesome.

  39. I really like your stamp storage. I have a basket on my desk & I rotate the contents for the different seasons - but the shelves you have would be nice to see everything without having to dig.
    Have a great day!

  40. Great pictures - so much going on on your desk :-D

  41. Hi Lyn

    I have the Just for you tag stamp but I took the stamp off and put velcro on it to use my cut & dry foam!!! I have the calendar too and I have a Trago just up the road from me - near Newton Abbot - they are good for some things!!!!

    Hugs Ali x

  42. AgH! (I've been in there!!)
    I'm a member of We love Trago on Face Book!!

  43. I absolutely loved looking at all your stuff. So much going on, I could have some real fun at your craft space lol.

  44. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi.. I love seeing new blogs. Love your space, you have a lot of stuff going on..

  45. I think this WOYWWing is turning into a spot the storage idea trip for me already. First Promarkers, now the shelves of stamps, Lyn. I must show mine one week - no, I must make myself a reminder note to show my stamp storage one week! Memories!

    Your blog is a veritable crafter's resource - did I say that last week? Very likely but no less true.

  46. Hmmm...lots of fun things to rummage through today.


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