Wednesday, 22 May 2013


What's on my Workbench this Wednesday
 Happy WOYWW! Here's mine. I've been playing with some papier-mâché, (that blob) which I had left over from trying to make those seahorses a few weeks back (They weren't good so ended up making acetate ones instead) It's all mashed up and gooey... and once it's dry it should come off the jar. If it works I'll make a better whatever it is, it might be a pot! Other stuff is what's left of a card I made for S-I-L's birthday. (Hope he liked it)  and the gingham card on the right, was a DT recipe booklet I started to make, but I've mislaid the stamp I needed to use and forgot the challenge called for paint! So that's what's on my work-desk this Wednesday. All a bit boring really! So here's a silly picture of What's On My Sofa too, our lodger cat, Jinx.  Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground if you'd like to join in too!
Jinx our Lodger cat with 'friends'


  1. Is that a pot? Seeing it upside down made me squeal "Toadstool" once I saw your desk! lol
    I love working with paper mache clay.
    Thanks for the peek! Happy WOYWW. xx
    Roudi #34

  2. I'm doing a quick blog dash before I get started this morning cos we have another estate agent coming today to take pics of our house so it needs a final hoover and tidy through :-)
    I'm chuckling at the picture of Jinx....what a tollerant cat :-)
    A x #52

  3. Aww jinx is all cosy with some friends by the look of it. will be interesting to see your experiment with the papier mache when it all prettied up.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #38

  4. Jinx looks very settled! No, my mess was all my own mess, promise!! Have a good week, Helen 5

  5. OOh you're re-using one of those Olia bottles. Bet it works better as a bttle for crafting or altering...I used one a couple weeks soon as my hands were wet, it kept slipping out of my hands (and bonking me on the head)because its too bulbous to grip properly with hair dye covered gloves! Argh. I love the look of the recipe book..couldn't quite get in close enough tosee the recipe!!

  6. Cats seem to be getting in on the act this week! If you have time to stop by my blog you'll see why. I don't think your desk looks boring at all. I am intrigued to see what happens to that blob of papier mache! x#58

  7. A fun creative desk . The cat looks so at home & dreaming of big fish that got away no doubt. Happy woyww jill #37

  8. Oh bless your little lodger, they always find the best places in a house! Curious to see the 'blog' next time! Happy WOYWW! Karen 85 x

  9. Hi Lyn,
    How are you? Long time no speak...
    Desk is just as I remember it looking before, just as busy!

  10. Crikey, jinxy must be so at home if he doesn't mind all those toys around him (sorry, friends).
    Love your "blob" as you describe it, look forward to seeing what it is like when finished. I always remember doing paper mache with the 3rd years every year at school - put me right off - I buy it ready done now.
    Thanks for visiting me - Hugs, Neet xx 2

  11. Oh wow Lyn, your desk is normal nothing out of place Im sure you are busy as usual. I love your cat he looks well at home with all the toys on him, my dog pinched my jumper to lay on. hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  12. A very busy desk as usual Lynn. Jinx looks so cosy and cute with his soft toys keeping him company :D Mo x

  13. Your desk looks great, busy and fun. The cat got me wondering. It how much stuff you could dump on it before it moved!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Rachel, #65

  14. I love the cat pic - especially the mounty moose!x Jo

  15. I think your desk is looking good this week there are some nice bits on show and some crafting stash just waiting to be used. Love the cat bless
    Sending hugs and hoping you have a great day
    Ria #74

  16. That gingham card/book looks yummy, love gingham
    Bridget #11

  17. Jinx looks far more photogenic than Wendy (grin).

    I thought your desk looked very orderly this week. Seems you must have cleaned a bit before I came by!

    Happy WOYWW from #10, but you know that already.

  18. ages since I did papier mache, I am sure it will look fabulous once it is finished!
    love the pic of the cat, looking very cosy!

  19. Hi Lyn,
    Seems you have been busy. Your recipe booklet looks interesting, even if you didn't add the paint and can't find the stamp LOL
    Krisha #50

  20. Jinx looks gorgeous...he can be my lodger anytime! Love the workdesk...lots of interesting things on it! Happy WOYWW. Pam#20

  21. you have some fun things happening on your desk. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting #3

  22. Love the lodger cat0- my Mum has this problem too- She has 3 of her own, and a timeshare on 4 other local cats!Loving the gingham card too. have a great week, hugs Shaz #125 xx

  23. Bwaahahahaha - Poor jinx :-D LUV your Mountie Moose too :-)
    It will be great to see what the 'Blob' turns into :-)

    IKE xxxxxxxxxx

  24. Love the What's on My Sofa photo. Jinx looks very cosy. Looks like you've been busy with lots of projects. Trying to get my workspace a bit tidier but failing miserably!!

  25. Like the recipe booklet, like how your stamps are stored too mine are in drawers and I forget what I have.'that blob' looks like it could feature as a helmet in the new Star Wars movie lol. Love that you have a lodger cat, he's a beauty.
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie 132

  26. What a busy desk .... Like those cog dies
    Love the cat picture
    Jackie 8

  27. Busy desk like those cog dies
    Live the cat picture
    Jackie 8

  28. Busy desk and cute cat! Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz@145

  29. always love to see your space and wow that cat looks pretty comfy with his friends lol I just gave you a shout out here ;)

  30. G'day Spyder
    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment for WOYWW. Oh my you do have allot going on on your desk this week. I see allot of folks use Promarkers...I think I may have to sus them out. What a cute cat you have as well :o)
    Annette In Oz #4

  31. So many lovely things on the go but the lodger cat wins in my book... mine would not allow me to prop toys around them for a photo... spoilsports!! Annette #23

  32. Busy desk! Jinx doesn't mind all the friends piling on? LOL Happy WOYWW! Nan G #105

  33. Hi Lyn,
    Good to see how you store things at the back of the desk, nicely in view. My stamps are in drawers so I rely heavily on my inventory of them. That photo of Jinxy is just fab. Looks as though he is putting up with it all in in the hope that all these critters will go away - soon. Pretending to sleep is a good strategy.
    Happy weekend,
    Ros. #28

  34. The blob - what will it become.......sounds like the beginning to an old B movie!!

    Love Jinx - he looks like he's settled for the day :-0

    Happy woyww

    Debs #115

  35. Hi Lyn seem to have missed your desk of late not sure why. Your desk is never boring to me.Always love a nose. Sorry I'm late Anne x #73

  36. Happy WOYWW!

    You are pesistant with that blob, I hope it works out in the end! Why is the cat under a heap of toys? I like those dies, don't have them yet!

    Cazzy x #158

  37. Yep you've lost that chair for sure ... but I bet you can bribe him with catnip lol those spellbinder gears look kewl
    have a wonderful day hugs Nikki #9

  38. The picture of Jinx is just too cute!!! OK, now it's confession time for me, because here I am on Friday making my way around the WOYWW board, hoping against hope to solicit some votes for a contest I am in. Horrible, aren't I? Just shameless, but here I am all the same! So if you feel the urge to go vote for me, I sure would appreciate from the bottom of my pitiful heart! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  39. LOL! what's on my desk/floor/sofa/bed/counter... WOYWW is really expanding ....

    Good luck with the blob. I haven't played with paper mache since the kids were small, but I swear I still have a bank made from a balloon painted to look like a Power Ranger. DS is 20 now so you can guess how old that is LOL!

    Just catching up....
    Happy WOYWW!
    MA (7)

  40. Hi Lyn, as usual it looks like you have been very busy. Making your own papier-mâché? I have never tried that. #93

  41. Looks like you have lots of cool stuff you are working with on your desk!
    Wow! Jinxy looks so comfortable. Although, I wonder how all those stuffed critters got on him? LOL! He is such a pretty kitty!

  42. wonderfully playful desk - can't beat papier-mache :)
    sorry it's taken so long to reply - the days have just evaporated!
    happy belated WOYWW x


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