Wednesday, 5 June 2013

WOYW, floor and every where else Wednesday

Morning WOYWWERS! I'm in a mess to shame myself.... this is my messy craft room. I was going to do a before and after picture, but this is just an after picture, after I'd made the ATC's and a few cards! as I ran out of time to tidy.

All my ATC's have gone off! Have been sent out. This is what I sent. "Eye Heart WOYWW 4"  (get it? there's an eye and a heart and then WOYWW 4, but I've lost my question mark...) Although I did forget to photo some of them. (but I've just realised I still have two left???  I'm positive I haven't forgot anyone!!) I'm not sure who got what (except for the rocking horse one) and guess what... I had one I hadn't sent from last year... well, that's gone too!  I closed my eyes and poked them into the envelopes and then stuck them down quick. (which is why I forgot to take pictures, but I'm sure Neets was the only one with scissors) Hope you like them!
Some people had these as well, when I remembered to put them in! I have a few left so I hope I haven't forgotten to send any off!
    And these are the ones I've had from Neet and Nikki so far!
(I took Neet's out of the little envelope to take the pic so you can see both sides)
Nikki sent a  talking tag too!
 So all you have to do now is nip over to Julia's  Stamping Ground and join in!!

ps, for those of you who asked, Compo (the cat who lived in a compost bin) is doing very well at the cat's home. (I went to see him yesterday) They called him the jaguar because he's so big and black (all that food I gave him!) He has settled in very well and they know they will have a lot of people wanting to give him a new home. Vet said he was only about three.


  1. very creative space ;) Love the ATC!!!! Can't wait to see which one I got. Gorgeous ones that you have received so far. This is so much fun!

  2. Oh my have been in a creating frenzy haven't you?

  3. When I see the rest of your room, I have to say that this week your space might actually be messier than mine! I have made a concerted effort this week to try and get my work space a bit tidier - the emphasis would be on the "bit"!

  4. OMG - has a tornado hit your room !!!!! LoL That's what I like to see though.... crafting mess :-) Fan-bloomin'-tastic ATCs :-D
    Oooh - so glad that Compo is doing OK.... I would have him if I lived there :-D

    IKE xxxx

  5. Good grief... I am at a loss for words... that is going to take some tidying up!! LOL Totally worth it though, judging by your ATCs. Happy WOYWW from Annette #8

  6. Wow what a crazy frenzy you have been on a rollercoaster creating ATC's they are great all worth the mess. Glad to hear Compo is doing great, hope his new owners love him heaps he needs it.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  7. Ooh a desk full of crafty mess. Love!
    Those are some marvelous ATCs you've made. And received! I got one from Neet, too. Aren't they beautiful?

    Happy WOYWW. xx
    It's my blogiversary and I've got candy to celebrate!


  8. Oh my....... I think I found someone with more stuff on the floor than me (and mine lives there!) Gorgeous atc's. Helen 5

  9. What wonderful ATC's you have received it was all such fun mine are all still wizzing around in the postal service as I am in Australia but what excitement there is still to come my way..
    You will have to see what passed behind me at a scrapbooking crop I went to last Friday its on my post sneak a peek..
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :)

  10. Hehehe that really is one awful lot of stash you got going on there Lyn :-) Love your ATCs,
    A x # 49

  11. That floor is just amazing! I love it. It was so nice to hear about the compost bin cat too! Those ATCs look great. I'm going to do a gallery pic of mine next week, I think. Thanks for sharing that creative (!) space! xxx#60 Julie Ann

  12. Hi there,
    Just popping in briefly, I'm supposed to be mowing the lawn!
    Still, this is a better way to spend the morning in my opinion.
    You have got a fun messy desk this week, I love it!
    Hope you have a great week.

  13. OMGiddy aunt!! Your desk, is mega busy Lyn. If I was closer I'd come lend a hand to tidy, but as it is, I'll just send energy vibes to nudghe you along, lol. Your ATC's are awesome, 'Eye *heart8 WOYWW' lol. Excellent :D
    Great news about compo :0)

  14. WOW Lyn I'm glad I haven't got to tidy that lot up!!!! Fab ATC's made and received. Happy WOYWW Anne x #52

  15. Oh Yes - that is a mess. I think you've got to win the messiest desk/floor/shelves award for possibly the year! But oh my goodness it was worth it - FABULOUS ATCs - I love them - off for another look. MMx #68

  16. Wow, I finally came across a desk that is just slightly messier than mine when I am making things! Love your ATCs and the ones you received are lovely too. Yes, I got one from Neet too and love it! Thanks for your visit today. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #51

  17. Gorgeous ATC's there, so beautiful. Hope you find homes for all of them! Happy WOYWW!! ♥ Karen ♥ x

  18. Oh what fab little ATCs - we are so lucky to have such clever crafty blog buddies. I am just deciding how to display mine. You certainly have a craft room FULL don't you. Love it!! x Jo #49

  19. At last....a room like mine! Love all the ATC's. Perhaps I'll be a bit more organised next year and get to make some! Happy WOYWW. Pam#9

  20. such talented ladies out there making some fab atc's to swap. Happy woyww Jill #82

  21. That middle picture of your desk would make the most amazing jigsaw!! The mess is quite the most spectacular I've seen today...congratulations, lol!!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  22. well I really do not know what to say, is that a creative mess or is it just a mess. I am struggling to see where you sit to craft.
    It is a little like when my daughter asks can she sleep in my bed tonight-why does she need to sleep in my bed, because her room is such a mess she can't find her bed!
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #40

  23. Hi Lyn, Glad to see I am not the only one that has to drag everyting out to make a few ATCs..LOL ALL the ATCs are beautiful, can't wait for the other to arrive so I can post them in Grand style.
    Thanks for the earlier visit.
    Krisha #11

  24. I love the shear amount of stuff you have! Those ATCs are stunning. Happy WOYWW. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#55)

  25. I'm guessing your craft room wasn't aware it was picture day WOW have you been busy :)
    I'm glad you like the talking tag and that would be funny to stick it on our other half if lost all info stored here lol
    that does suck to have it returned if you don't put USA on it. I just have to remember to give my proper postal code but it still makes it here just a day or two longer
    Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki

  26. OMG Lyn! I thought Helen (Stamping by H) was bad but!! You and my former Boss could be related!!!
    Lovely ATCs there.

  27. That is a mess to be proud of. Love your ATC's and the ones you received.
    have a great week.
    Von #14

  28. I bet you wonder what took me so long to visit this week. We had major storms come through about the time I started leaving messages at WOYWW. The storms included lightening, so I reluctantly turned my computer off. Storms are now finally out of the area.

    I promise IF I ever visit England, I'll stop by for a day or three (grin) and help clean up your craft room. I'm sure you have more STUFF than I have and I have a lot. Of course, mine is mostly from dumpster diving and not from the craft stores.

    It made me smile to read that you liked the ATC I sent you. My friend Kathy gave me the sewing machine. She got it on e-bay and gave it to me for my birthday one year. She knew I wanted to sew paper and it's been my dream ever since I started working with paper crafts. I can't imagine not using it to make art anymore. I bet your mom would be impressed if she saw what you could do with paper. All you need is the right size needle and it doesn't hurt the machine.

    Happy WOYWW from #4 who is sadly slow responding to your lovely comment to me today, dear Lyn.

  29. Your craft room is a gorgeous mess! How many years did it take to accumulate all that great crafty stuff? Your ATC's are so great! Lucky recipients!
    Have a great WOYWW,

  30. Happy WOYWW!

    This makes me feel so much better! It looks just like mine! I see you were having breakfast in the middle of it too!. I wished I had joined the ATC swap though I have never made one yet!

    Cazzy x

  31. Hope Compo does in fact find a good home. Bless!
    Thanks for the lovely atc which you sent to me and which you feature above. Glad mine arrived safe and sound.
    Your desk - well, will not comment as it is so very - ahem - tidy :)
    Hugs, Neet 17 xx (late as per usual)


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