Wednesday, 6 October 2010

WOYWW- now!

Oh wow! What's on my workdesk Wednesday?? Right now...This!!
I've never done woyww on the trot before! Which means, this is now and not midnight last night or four o'clock this morning, it's live at eight!!! Sorry about bad spelling, wonky doodles, dark photo's and other mistakes-will change them later!
Craft room? very messy! Things just 'thrown in' out of the way. Big sheet of purple card got sat on by one of our visiting cats last week. (they've gone home now)
Dining room table, just as messy, if not worse... Harry Potter review. (Hubby got me that) Not long to wait for the new film. Writers Magazine, always useful, if you write! And of course PaperCraft Essentials Mag. (I fancied the freebie papers this month)
Small cleared space? Start of easel card that's been there for nearly two weeks...waiting!!

Want to join in the biggest blog hop in the entire World?? Hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in! back later!!

*Afternoon! I'm back, and oh what a day I've had! Car gears 'went' again (arrgh!) Hubby came to the rescue and drove it back with no first, second, fifth or reverse gears! But you don't want to hear about that! (note to self, back brake light doesn't work-I followed in his car)
New Followers! Hi and ((wave)) welcome to, Andrea6760, (no link yet) A Gypsyangel. with a lovely blog and some great makes! Also we have Debbie with two blogs, Sliekjes Fanscrap Art and Debbie's Scrapplekje with some lovely things going on, then Letisia, (no link) Debra with Twisted Monkey Scraps. fab cards and definitely and Bugaboo fan! And Ankes with two blogs...Ankes-bastelecke and Flohmarkt-anke with lovely pic's of some Rachelle Anne Miller's clear stamps, which I really like. I have two and, bad me, haven't used them yet, so note to self, get them out and use them Lyn! Out the back and in the dark you'll find Kluckett and Shewhodreams (both with no links)
Now, some of you early bird's would've had a slightly different freebie this morning..well, it was done in a rush (about five minutes) so, I've now completely redone it and I hope you like this one a lot better.Thanks for stopping by!

Sorry You Missed this freebie
but there'll be a new one
on the latest Wednesday Post!

Don't you forget to join in with my
October Digi Challenge!
Here' a card I just had to show you, made
by Cely form Creatingincarolina isn't it Spookilicious!


  1. Caught you on the hop at last Lyn, you are always so ahead of us all

  2. Thanks for sharing this creative mess Lyn, love it and all those fab stamps. nnalorac.xx

  3. Well I thoroughly enjoyed that broadcast ... Have you thought about doing live at 8 every day ... I for one would tune in ... not at 8 you understand ... but at some point later in the day :0)

  4. Hi Lyn, thanks for sharing your creative space and another great freebie for me to use.


  5. great freebie hun and as ever one creative desk hugs cheryl xx

  6. Lol hi ya hun
    great post, very busy space as usual, great freebie thank you, must check back see i have have missed another challenge?? have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(2)

  7. Looks like you are having lots of fun there! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl (28)

  8. I need a day to play & get caught up on your freebies! stinkin job ;-) I've also been looking to buy more markers but, alas, I'm poor to off to work I go....

  9. Hi Lyn, busy busy busy eh! BTW if you're looking for your glasses they're on the dining table hehe
    Anne xx (70)

  10. Just looks like a creative mind deep in her work!!! 8-)

    Thank you for the fun Halloween image!!

  11. haha!

    "Craft room - very messy, dining room - just as messy!"

    Love it!!! Looking at the mess now I have just created - it doesn't make me feel quite so bad!!! Perhaps I should show all these posts to my husband to prove I'm in good company!

    WOYWW #78

  12. What a busy desk. Your freebie made me smile!! Hugs Pam x

  13. Hi Lyn. Thanks for the snoop on your desk. Always lovely to see what others are doing and where. ~Glen~ #30

  14. What a fab lot of stash on your desk this week. Enjoyed my snoop :-)
    A x

  15. Great snoop this week, and your news sure beats any other news at 8!

  16. I could live in your space and be very happy,

    do cars have gears then? those stange sounds are not normal?


    dx (63)

  17. Hi Lyn, thanks for sharing your creative spaces again this week. Hope the car is fixed soon

    Hugs Jackie x

  18. Great space to snoop - have a good week!!

  19. I like both versions of the image...but you are right this one does look a bit more polished....thank you!! Have a great day!! 8-)

  20. I feel better about my workspace now, not a lot but a little!

    Love the free digi,Thanks Lyn, will download and might get to use it one day!

    Cazzy x

  21. Well am thrilled you're at home and up at about 8am on a Wednesday - are you on hol? But what was the large sheet of purple for???!!
    We went to IOW from Lymington - would we have seen him - must say all the chaps that put us on and rolled us off were incredibly friendly.

  22. Lots of lovely things going on! I love that freebie, it's so sweet! look at the little cat dressed like ghost!
    Karla #15

  23. Hmmm, very messy desk and table but ............. lots oflovely things to rummage through!

    Lesley Xx Linky 92

  24. Such a cute freebie :) Love your messy space, looks like lots of fun going on at your place.
    Sarah #60

  25. Oh Lyn...sounds like you have had quite to go of it today!
    so sorry! A super darling freebie as well!!!

  26. LOVE the freebie. Cracked me up when I read purr from the kitty ghost, great job, and thank you so much for sharing with us!

  27. Thanks for the freebie!

    Great things on your desk. I love the mess.

  28. what a creative mess! and you sure are a busy woman ...TFS the lovely image

  29. Hi hun promise promise gonna join you some say bust as you can see by my blog not at all well with my back and cant craft nothing not for man or beast lol I feel Im b=negleting averyone of my lovely friends Will you please beleive me when I say I have not forgotten just cannot do it just now Think of you so very often hunnie
    Love and hugs

  30. Great digi-image, thanks for sharing. Hope the car is sorted out soon. Pam (21)

  31. Oh Lyn your pics have made me laugh [sorry] My desks are usually exactly like that!! Im only tidy cos I cant seem to put anything together...well anything half decent anyways! lol

    I realize now being tidy is NO good for WOYWW, so that suits me down to the ground ha ha

    See you again hun
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, fellow Southerner!
    mandi xx

  32. That's a busy crafters mess and good to see. Hope you get a better day today.

  33. Great minds think and work alike! ha ha ha, I love it that you have a messy desk, makes me feel i am not alone! Patsy #39 from

  34. I love your desk! makes mine look fantastic!! like your scissors holders on yr shelf too.

    Dee (38)

  35. Busy as usual, you run around like a crazy woman half the time!! Life eh? Cars are horrible things when they go wrong, my old car packed up on me in July, alternator went, left me stranded on the side of the road on the way to work! So what was the huge sheet of purple card for anyway???

    Brenda 105

  36. Busy as ever Lyn! Always lots to look at!
    Thanks for yet another fabulous Freebie!

  37. Hiya LYN! Huh what a messy desk you have today! LOVE IT!!!! So much fun to snoop around! Thank you for the freebie!

  38. How adorable! Thank you for the little trick or treaters.

  39. Thank You Lyn for this fab seasonal freebie! I cant wait to try it out!

    Keryn x

  40. Oh No, my poor friend... messy desk - tsk!! you never see mine like that...

    Me and son have just been having a discussion on how your hubby may have got into third gear to set off and drive... in the end - i just gave up wondering and just started sympathising.... (more)!!!

    Hope you are well - hope to catch up soon - but catch your breath first!!!

    Paula x x x

  41. Hi there, thanks for the fab image, your blog is amazing.
    xx Vee

  42. wow theres alot going on today
    thanks for the peek

  43. Great to see your so busy. Missed your freebies lately as I was on holiday but here is a card I made with your Fab Penguin under Santa hat you designed for me. I hope you like it. Click here to see it. Elaine

  44. thank you so much for the spooky scene!!!

  45. Good morning! I'm a wee bit late this week, :-) Thanks for the fab ghost image, they're very cute! and for the peek at your desk! I've left a wee award on my blog for you, see here.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  46. Sooo cute! Love the Ghost kitty.... thanks so much!

  47. Great read, shame it's not a video! Lots to snoop on and makes me feel soooo much better about mine! Tee Hee!
    Get yourself a spray of Dr Bach rescue remedy!! Seems like you need it!
    JoZarty x (33)
    Don't miss a chance at my blog candy!

  48. Thanks for the great snoop around - I like how you've got all your stamps displayed, look pretty and you can see what you've got!

    Sherry (117)

  49. Great Halloween digi. Thanks for sharing.

  50. Did you think I had forgotten you? Did you think I wouldn't stop by to see your mess (oops) I mean creative clutter? I had intended to visit anyone who left a comment, then it got me confused, so decided to go through the list anyway (grin). I love that digi pic. I may even snag it! (#1, as you know)

  51. how did all that stuff fit on your desk? So much inspiration, i hardly know where to start. thanks for popping by earlier, still plodding my way through the list. caroline (82)

  52. Love seeing that other people create in just as much chaos as me! Sheena (110)

  53. Thanks for the freebie. I've just spent over an hour on the link to riandesign that I found on your web. So that's a double thanks.
    Luv Joanne xx

  54. I was looking for the kitty ghost stamp that says meow and I can't find him. It is so cute I would like to purchase.

  55. Thank you Tami, we've been away all week with visiting family, and will put the digi in the store as soon as poss!


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