Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Spot The Difference #2 Finished

Here's Robbie's Rocket again... or is it??? Look at the cartoon below this post and you should find 16 Differences (Someone's found my extra one!! Only one person found the extra one last time but missed out on two others) Some thing's have been added, while others have been taken away! Comments have been switched off...I'll only add the one's without answers or, email me 'Robbie Rocket' in the subject title, at dragonsmoore at googlemail dot com
Have as many goes as you like! Will tell you the winner next Tuesday! Winner wins a digi.

THIS has FINISHED now...look out for the latest one!!


  1. I just had to use Robbie's Rocket as a Spot the Difference, comments have been turned off, but it appears it takes a little time to work!


  2. Hi Lyn
    ok lets see :-)
    1. vertical line taken away at the top of the rocket
    2. Horizontal Line added at the top of the rocket
    3. robbies got a missing thumb :-)
    4. Circle on the rocket bottom left is in a different place
    5. Missing dot on the Right wing
    6. Wiring hairy bit added LOL ?
    7. Line missing joining the wing to the main shuttle on Right side
    8. dot missing from lower row on main shuttle
    9. Vertical Line added just about steam puff
    10. curve missing on steam puff on right hand side mising on moon
    12. crater curve missing on left side of moon
    13.spike missing from antenea or whatever prong thing sticking up lol
    14. Star added or dot added in the sky under steam
    15 dot missing over steam

    I hope that's it :-) I love spot the differences he-he

  3. Hey Lyn! I emailed my entry to you...let me know if you don't get it, or if you don't have Adobe. Thanks! =)


  4. You have been a very busy lady, a busy workdesk and a competition as well. Thank you.

  5. Ohh Lyn you are turning evil on us 16 to find I only found 6 on the last one lol still will have a go great digi by the way hope everyones ok and you're not working to hard take care
    Jacki xx

  6. Hi Lyn, my son (6) says this is his fave so far! I will link later with all the differences, and yes I have found 16!!!! But it is a lot of typing and have to find a quiet moment as my son is off today with a fluey type thing. Hugs Heidix

  7. 1 Lower wing has only 5 dots instead of 6
    2 From just below the point of rocket there is only 1 vertical line instead of 2.
    3 Below the point of the rocket and the vertical line there is 3 horizontal lines instead of two.
    4 Robbie is missing his thumb (poor thing!)
    5 Spider is not on the original.
    6 On left side of smoke from rocket there are only 4 dots instead of 5.
    7Only 5 dots on last layer of horizontal dottiness instead of 6.
    8 There are 3 vertical strokes beneath this last line of dots instead of 2 vertical strokes.
    9 There are 5 dots on Right hand side of smoke instead of 4.
    10 Smallest area of smoke curves, are different to the original.
    11 Aerial on moon has only 2 pronges instead of 3.
    12 Moonscape has swirls on it and the left hand side one is missing a bit.
    13 Right hand side on moon only has 2 dots instead of 3.
    14Small joining line missing on Right hand side wing.
    15 Small Island on the earth is twisted around slightly.
    16 Small circle on lower left hand side of rocket body is oval and upright instead of an almost circle on its side.

    Oh my, so much to type, hope it all makes sense to you. Hugs Heidi.x Thanks for all the fun it made a nice change from playing cars/batman/watching dvd's/having a teddy bear picnic and all the other things you do with your kiddies to keep them happy when poorly. xx Ro thought it was great fun.

  8. This is such a fun challenge - I love these kinds of puzzles. ;D

  9. I wanted to make sure comment verification was off first before submitting my answers. ;D Here are the 16 differences I found:
    1. One of the land masses on earth doesn't have as bold of an outline
    2. The tip of the rocket is missing the extra "shiny" line vertically
    3. The top of the rocket as an extra band around horizontally
    4. The boy only has four fingers and missing his thumb
    5. One of the spots on the ship, lower left, is now an oval
    6. The right wing is missing a polka-dot
    7. One of the lower rings on the ship is missing a polka-dot in the center
    8. The bottom of the rocket has an extra "shadow" line vertically, now three
    9. The smoke cloud has a smaller scalloped attribute
    10. One of the stars is missing, just above the smoke cloud
    11. Another star is missing just below the smoke cloud
    12. The "goal post" or "fork" on the moon is missing the center prong
    13. There is an extra dirt speck on the moon next to the "fork/goal post"
    14. One of the craters on the moon is no longer a swirl but now a circle
    15. A small line is missing on the rocket between the lower ring and right wing
    16. A new friend was added to the rocket ship, the dangling spider

    Thanks for the fun puzzle!

  10. You're right, my desk is a bit tidier than yours, but then I haven't been busy providing competitions! Fab idea, I can only find 15, will have another go later aws my eyes going funny staring at it !!..Esther xx


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