Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It's Wednesday, It's WOYW, and it's... What the??

Ok, I'm up early this morning as I forgot to get this done last night. Imagine, (if you dare) me typing away til three in the morning..but no! Instead... imagine me... snoring! Oops... Woke up about four, (after being chased by some very odd looking shoes) so when you think about it, I was still typing away and scribbling out my freebie before the Sun came up. Where does the time go?? I'm beginning to think we are all in some kind of matrix time warp, plugged into an alien system that feeds other worlds. Some of us manage to go about our everyday lives not noticing how the time evaporates into one long WEDNESDAY, as the other days no longer exist in the real world.. CUT! (who wrote this rubbish?!?)
OK, back to reality as we all know it. Here's my work bench looking (for me) tidy-ish. Stuff I'm in the middle of~ some House Mouse stamps waiting for the 'Kling-on' (but no sign of Captain Kirk) A cup of frothy coffee topped with Chocolate (and bottomed with Nuttella, as it doesn't float)
New storage boxes that mother-in-law was going to throw out! And a posh black hat box (or a box that is black that used to house a hat) I'm now using as my photo-box.
So that's What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday pioneered by the one and only Julia, where other beings interested in doing weird things with ink, paper, paint, glue and other stuff, ~click here to see Doones dolls~ all go and nose around over a hundred other crafty desks to see what every one else is doing... some do it on the floor, some do it on the bed, some, like me even do it on the ironing board once they've covered everything else in glitter and glue. No matter where you do it, just do it and come and show us! And this is when you'll realise... every day really is... Wednesday! And as it is Wednesday, I'm at work, this is on timer and I'll catch you all later...Thank you for stopping... bye...


  1. Good morning, I don't know! nutella in the bottom of your cup! Might just have to try it, especially if it helps keep you awake with its yumminess. thanks for the freebie, I am going to keep the 'son' away while I save it so it will be a surprise for him later. of course with his ?!Love?! of peas, it won't come as a shock to find out that the reason he doesn't like them is because of the aliens. Hmmm. Yes I too have been up late or is that early!! Hope work was good to you Hugs Heidi x

  2. you do smell bad today - i fell off my chair laughing

    it must be because you are accumulating everybodies waste in your room, one day you Will Run Out of Space (too many invaders?) and you will Have to tidy up,

    please call me - I'll bring a van and remove your unwanted (as if) items,


  3. your post made me smile - love the goings on on your desk and fancy throwing out those boxes - you got a good find there x

  4. Yep, lets blame aliens for everything! That's why my desk is a mess this morning. They came to visit!!!!!! Have a great day.

  5. Hi ya hun
    lol you do write a crackin post, lovely creative desk as always, luv the alien thank you very much,fab studio for ya cards,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(18)

  6. love the light box recognise the card from yesterday! look at all those stamps on display very jealous x

  7. wow nutella huh! it's bad to give us tasty tips like that you know, lol....might just have to try it out for myself to check it works.

    caroline #53

  8. I've done the spot the difference again today but as yet can only find 14! :-) I'm useless :-)
    If you haven't been yet please pop over to our blog shop, leave us a comment and be in with the chance to win a crafter's apron.

    Good luck.
    A x

  9. nope not Nutella fan cant image what it must taste
    Please pop by my blog hunni as i have some candy for all you lovely Woywwers....good luck hugs judex 7

  10. Darling Lyn ! Thank you so much for this cutie digi stamp. He'll serve perfectly on a out of space card ! Thanks dear.

  11. Your desk always looks like you are having so much fun!!
    Thank you for this really fun little guy....will have to see if I can find the 16 things. wink

  12. We come in peas! LOL!! This is too freaking cute. I already have ideas for cards... =) Thanks!

  13. I love the spot the difference games. I only got 8/10 for the first one. Missed the flower centre and the leg of the spyder. Simple when you see the answer.
    Have to admit to keeping alien hours. Best part of the day/night for me.
    Hugs (or should I say yawns)from
    Mrs A. #76

  14. Great pics! Thank you for the freebie and thank you for sharing.


  15. Love the new storage boxes and a good use of the hat box for your photos, a great storage idea!
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #91

  16. Fab use of the hat box. I nearly didn't get my post up last night as I got to the last few words and it disappeared I thought I had lost it, if you pop over you will see why I was glad to find it had saved!! Hugs Pamx

  17. Frothy coffee with Nutella!! Sounds rather decadent, will have to give it a go! Can't believe how tidy you are this week and amazing that those baskets were going in the bin! Good save.

    Brenda 103

  18. Wow you are always up so early and seem to work so hard. Fabulous craft space and I love the baskets ou rescued. Thanks for the snoop. Enjoy your evening, hopefully relaxing for a change LOL. Tracy Evans x

  19. Hi Lyn, that's a really cute stamp you're colouring in on your desk. As usual there are lots of crafting goodies to spot on your desk and I like your baskets. Thanks for the alien - it will come in useful for a certain little boy's birthday card :) Elizabeth x #114

  20. Busy Busy!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Sheena #140

  21. So glad you gave those baskets a new home ... fancy anyone wanting to throw them out.

  22. I have just asked Hubby to put a spoon of Nutella into my hot chocolate 'cos of your power of suggestion!! Love the little pic - thanks. Will download that when I am not on Hubby's computer!!

    Sam aka Hettie #135

  23. He's fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Are you the middle of the night? I am in REM at that time! Whew!

  25. Crafting on your ironing board, I knew there I had to be a good reason why I had one of those! Thank you very much for the alien

  26. Thank you for the alien. I've got both and am going to start looking for the differences. Thank you for the fun!

  27. Fab idea for your photo box Lyn! Won't tell you where I take my card photos!
    Susan xxox #16

  28. I'm sure I've finally entered another dimension, and a fine one it is too! Now I have "loving the alien" going through my head. ;-D


  29. So I guess its the aliens who have been messing with your desk and leaving you hardly any room to craft lol - thanks for the freebie ~ Nicky 4

  30. Lovely hedgehog. I'm needing some spring images, we had another 10" of snow yesterday. At least most of the old had melted. What a great idea for scissor storage!! TFS :D #67

  31. Thanks Lyn for sharing just love your blog does one good to read your cheery words and love the fact that WOYWW gets us into shape each week ready for midweek onslaught, I love your hedgie card,
    thanks for sharing and cheering up my day,
    Shaz in Oz.x

  32. Your blog always makes me smile. Thank you for the freebie, I was just asked to make a boy card for a 5yo who loves aliens and monsters, so this one will come in very handy.
    Happy belated WOYWW

  33. So cool! Love the digi!! Thanks so much Lyn! And I love your lightbox too!

    Happy be-lated WOYWW! :D

    xx Tracey xx


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