Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Window Men!

We've been shopping for new blinds today for my new windows!! Yay!! I actually got John to go to Ikea!! (although they didn't have what we wanted) But never mind that!! We're still in a bit of a mess. My long white crafty work bench is still leaning against the wall in the hall. Dust is everywhere, so there's no change there!
So, here's a few before and after pictures of those doors and windows. Our old ones were pretty dia! The Living room.... we had ivy trying to grow through the door! Oh look, you can see my runner beans. Not growing very quickly this year! And see the rose over the trellis, would you believe there's a pigeon nesting in there! The kitchen window was worse! I think only the paint was holding the glass in! But then The Window Men arrived!! da da!!!!
...dressed in their super fast green T Shirts and in seconds they had started with their hammering and slicing and other noisy things men do with windowy takey outty things.... Out came the bedroom window!!! (yes, I know...change the wall's on my list!) But even rarer, these Window Working Men didn't stop for tea and biscuits, once!!! Nor lunch, just kept on going!
And the bathroom window had two of the Wonder Window men, crowbarring it out! Y'know, I once locked myself out and got in through that top window! I know, it's hard to believe I was ever that thin! Soon it wasn't long before they had the kitchen window out too! (Say cheese boys!) How d'you like my tiling? My first might look random, but there is a pattern. I forgot to take a picture of John's office window so it's straight round to my...
...old craft room window (the wood on the wall along the bottom holds up my crafty bench) Very very cold room, you can feel the wind blowing in through the gaps in the windows. Looking through the window you can see I did manage to cut the hedge! (need to tidy the garden now)It didn't take long to start sawing out the window frames of my crafty room once the glass came out!
The following day they started on the living room window and door, covering everything with dust covers...(Stopped sawing to say cheese!) Meanwhile out came the front door and it's glass side panel!

then back round to the living room back door and window again, and it wasn't long before The Window Men had sawn through the wood...

ready to take out the glass....

Even the rain didn't stop them knocking down the wall with a grinding cutting saw thing...

and a chisel and hammer....

and this is what they look like now!!
Next job?? New gutters, conservatory and a bigger patio! (In my dreams!)
Oh...and for those who have asked about Jinx our 'lodger cat', who isn't ours, 'Can he still get in? Did we replace the old cat flap in the new side door???' Yes. Well, it seemed the right thing to do, after all, I might want to get another cat one day! Although...
...Jinxy finds meowing in at the new French doors so much easier!
'Let me in!'


  1. WoWza - doesn't that look fabulous ? :-D I know it's a lot of mess but the extra light will be fantastic and the house looks sooooo Posh... you will have to charge people to come in now :-D LoL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow - what a difference. We had a garden room entension last year - and that was wow too

  3. They did a great job ...those windows look fab everything inside just needs to get back to normal....craft room first. xx

  4. Awesome pics taking us through the process, but oh I do feel for you having so much dust to clear away and try to get everything back in place asap. That's the one thing that keeps delaying any re-decorating around here...the mess...ugh!
    BUt you've done it and they all look sOOper, you'll be glad to get your craft room back, yippee! :0)

  5. Hi Lyn,
    Just popped in to see the update on the windows..I was wondering how it was going.They seem to have done a great job, you must be so pleased..what a difference, worth all the upheaval.You will soon be back to normal !
    susan x

  6. Wow - what a great job they did. And they have nice smiles too! Glad the cat can still come visit!!

    I'm sitting in Starbucks (another air conditioned place), catching up on my favorite blogs.


  7. love the pics of the men putting in the windows, its like an episode of cowboy builders ;) lol
    mark x

  8. I have come her special this morning whilst I am ment to be working really hard LOL to check out your windows and walla, there they are and so good looking too. They make such a huge difference to the house. I am sure you are as happy as punch. Now onto the serious stuff getting the crafty room set up again. Oh I do hope you find the window blinds you want.


  9. Oh wow...those new windows are so awesome! I did mine a few years back and wondered why I waited so long! Your new front french doors are very cool!

  10. Oh my how you are going to love the new windows. They really look like they are going to bring in so much sunshine in that it will brighten your life. You may even need sunglasses until you find the right blinds. :o)

  11. Ha Ha! Fantastic! I love the fact you put a cat flap in for a cat that isn't even yours! We have a couple of visiting cats that tend to jump in through open windows! :o) your new windows look fab! Hope you get back to normal soon x


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