Wednesday, 16 March 2011

WOYWW? Computer Say No!

Morning everyone!! I hope you're all well and safe and up with the lark!! Or having one! It's WOYWW time, the brain child of Julia and her fabulous...
This is What's On My Work Bench (and my dining table) this Wednesday. (It's actually gone midnight) All my crafty mess has been pushed back as we plumbed in my new printer/scanner yesterday. Looks a bit like a miniature Ark Royal, but black and without the rust.
All was going well until I doodled out today's freebie... I did exactly what I always do. Scanned, saved, tidied up in another programme, saved.... and nothing...
It seems it doesn't like the new printer...or so I thought. They've been sending each other coded messages and decided to go on strike. After hours of scanning saving and tidying, I gave up as the list of 'unopenable' files grew longer and longer. Each little file just wouldn't open with any programme I have, so, in the end, I plugged in my OLD printer again... there it is.. the grey one... the one that clanks and chews up paper, and the same thing came up, 'Saved in file the computer does not recognise..'
"You stupid thing!" I yelled, "YOU saved it!!" Computer says no!! So, I'm sorry, there's no new Wednesday Freebie here in this post at the moment... maybe later when I get home from work! But at least you have two bunnies!! Here and HERE. (or scroll down) Which also means I can't do a new Spot The Difference.
At the moment both the printers are sitting on by bench not talking... maybe they'll have a bust up while I'm in my bed (in a minute seeing it's way past midnight and closer to three in the morning) May the best printer win! I just hope it's the one who can save my digi's!
**This weeks Wednesday Freebie and Spot the Difference, here or scroll up! Computer said yes!!


  1. Oh how frustrating. This modern techy stuff is really wonderful.....when it works eh?
    A x

  2. Here's hoping your new and shiny HP printer will soon decide to shoulder its responsibility and play nice!


  3. Oh Lyn, sorry about your computer/printer issues. I have a love/hate relationship with mine. One of those necessary evils but boy can it ever cause problems when it wants to.
    Have a great day!

  4. Have you threatened your computer and printers with a sledge hammer? I know it sounds crazy, but I like to threaten inanimate objects with total destruction. It makes me feel better and seems to keep my things in working order. Just don't forget to praise them when they do a good job!

    good luck
    cheers, rachel no. 70

  5. Ah printers! Can't live with them can't live without them! (Thats what we used to say about men :-) I hope they sort themself out! So annoying when something doesn't work!
    Thanks for the effort anyway!
    Lots of hugs,

  6. Oh Lyn I do hope you can get your new printer sorted as it is so frustrating when the computer keeps saying 'no'!! Sending you lots of {{hugs}}.
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #73

  7. Computers and printers are fickle creatures, i hope they decide to play nice when you return to try and print again!
    Happy Wednesday
    StAy InKy
    hugs Minxy #28

  8. technology pah

    see you can't go wrong with pencil and paper and a postage stamp...

    the old ways are best



  9. Don't you just LOVE technology, lol! Hope you get it sorted soon.

  10. Not that I like to see others have problems with their computers, printers, etc., but I know well how frustrating it is!! Hope you figure it out! :)

  11. SOOOOOO frustrating when printers don't cooperate isn't it. I sympathise. Happy WOYWW.
    Hugs, Sandra (no. 71)

  12. You just have to laugh at technology sometimes. Fantastic if it works, but boy oh boy, when it doesn't wanna play along! So frustrating. Hope you get sorted soon.
    Happy WOYWW, even though its not playing with you at the moment.

  13. Oh, what a palaver, you'd better get it sorted soon or else! How dependant we are on the pesky things these days!
    Hugs JoZarty x

  14. Hi ya hun
    oh i can feel ya frustration, i hate it when they give you no reason for saying NO!!! fabulous when they work, mine is so close to the window right now!! roll on next wens when i get cable fitted only just got on line since 7 this morn!!! ARGGGGGGGG have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  15. I was thinking you need to give up today and just have a "duvet day!!", but I see you were going to go back to bed anyhow. Hope it all resolves itself - I know what it's like - has happened to me MANY times before - for NO reason.
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca xx (45)

  16. Grrrrr - stoopid printers. I hate changing technology. All right when I get used to new stuff, but there's nearly always a nasty teething period!!

    Hope you get them sorted soon, Lyn.

    Julie #144

  17. Oh you pooooor think... I'm right there with you. I just hate to do that kind of thing... It drives me up the wall and it's a very short trip!
    Good luck when you get home!

  18. Technology can be a pain - pencils have a lot going for them!! lol

  19. Hope the best printer wins soon. I hate it when the said modern technology decides to go on strike. There is something to be said about the good old days. Have you threatened it with the birch!
    Hugs Mrs A. #57

  20. 3 in the morning - Lyn, how do you do it! No wonder you're shouting at the printer!! I hate it when I need help with apparently easy to use technology. I guess even the Ark Royal isn't as clever as it should be!

  21. Modern technology, don't ya just love it .... no, don't answer that - lol. As you've posted above this one, it seems your computer equipment made up and are at last talking to each other now -- aah a happy ending!

    Thanks for stopping by my desk earlier x

    Sherry (158)

  22. thanks for visiting my blog #161~ glad your printer work now. love spot the differences. I'm only see two differences so far I have to print it out and look at it more closely.

    have a great nite!

  23. hi
    i read abot your new printer.
    dit you install the driver for the new printer and scanner? may this is the reason the scanner dont work.somtimes you have to install the printer and scanner driver seperat.
    thank you so very much for the beautiful digistamp
    that you also share with us all
    i´m new to the digistamps and happy when i find some nice digifreebies like yours
    I wish you many more creative years of bloging!
    have a blessed day
    Sometimes it's hard to exlpain , especially when english is not your motherlanguage, but I guess you forgive me the spelling mistakes.

  24. Hope you got it figured out. My son tells me when I keep hitting print and nothing happens it makes matters worse. He says I have to go in and delete everything in the print log and let it start fresh!

  25. As someone above commented...we are all so tied to technology today we just about can't get by without it! Best thing my daughter did was marry a computer geek! Michael takes pity on me and keeps all my equipment in working order. Vickie #52

  26. LOL Lyn,

    Hubby bought me a new printer supposed to have cheaper ink cartridges. It has been sitting in the box for the last month haha. Not ready to deal with the installation and any potential software issues!

    I too will be cussing and screaming when I hook it up for sure...lmao

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, Hugs Marjo #10

  27. Technology is only wonderful if it works!!!! Happy WOYWW

  28. Don't yu' just LOVE computers - NOT

    kitten (WOYWW 146)

  29. Isn't technology wonderful - when it works but when it don't aaaarrrrgggghhhh! I am feeling your frustration here! Sorry I am a little late but trying to visit lots!

  30. HI there Lyn ah great when they work maddeningly annoying when the dont trust all sorted as spied new digi on my scroll down here I am running late this week -TFS.
    Shaz in Oz.x

  31. Well I hope that printer is saying yes by now.. I'm a bit late making my rounds from last week!! That bunny digi is too cute! You don't like my Pink IKEA Chair? you would be very surprised it looks like it wouldn't be nice to sit in but it's actually really comfortable. Thanks for stopping by my space last week!


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