Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Time to Stop for T

I've been so busy today...well, by the time I got to bed at three in the morning, then got up at five because the lodger cat Jinx chased out another cat, who was trying to eat his food! They made such a noise!! There's  a hole cut into the fence to save him having to climb and that was smashed into the shape of the escaping cat!!!  I reminded Jinx, he used to do the same thing to Frog and Gismo (long gone to kitty heaven) Then I 'played' for a while before going off doing what I usually do! Mum left a message saying her computer was doing silly things, so while she was out (it's by far quicker!) I fiddled with that, Jinx came with me. (he always does...I'm now known as the weird cat woman who walks her cat around the village...no one's spotted us in the car yet!))
Once home I painted a gate, I'll show you when it's finished. It'll match my pots I showed you a few weeks back. Then mum turned up, (along with her flower club friends, she'd forgotten her key and couldn't get in. Answered more emails. Sent off a few digi's, that's always nice! Spain, Germany, America... And now it's way past seven o'clock in the evening and my first cup of Tea.
Not too well painted, as I did these where they hang!
   Just ordinary decaffeinated, no sugar (yuk) The spoon's still there as I stir it a million times hoping it will taste sweeter. I stopped taking sugar at the beginning of the year but it still tastes horrible!!! Note the biscuits, they help it go down!! Never gave my girls sugar, so glad I didn't.
Thank you to Lady Pam for the mug, who said I can now throw out my chipped ones... (If I do that Pam...this'll be my only mug!) Hope I'm not too late to join Bleubeard and Elizabeth! I mean, it's probably tomorrow where they live by now!!
It's not the right paint, but it matches the trellis, and  was bored with the 'crazy paving' look I did last time


  1. It doesn't matter how late it is, you are always welcome to sit awhile with me for T. Sounds like you haven't even had time to catch your breath, and that your day has been far more productive than mine.

    Thanks for taking that small break with your "biscuits" (not what I would call them) and tea. I really enjoyed the visit, too.

  2. Sounds like you had a busy day! It's still Tuesday and I enjoyed seeing your new mug and especially that all-purpose plate. I never add sugar to tea and really don't notice the bitterness. Happy T Day!

  3. Happy T day to you too, it sounds like Tom and Jerry the cartoon at your place, would love to see the cat shaped hole in the fence!

    Nice mug and interesting plate, can you get all of that on it at once?

    When we are walking there is one red setter who always wants lots of cuddles from every person she sees, her owner daren't walk her on the streets in case she takes off across the road to cuddle someone!

    Cazzy x

  4. Still Tuesday here in Northern Virginia...hope you had a Happy T Day...

    Your tea and biscuits look tasty and tempting!

  5. Busy day for you as well! Sit down and breathe a bit.
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. and breathe... LOL, you wore me out with that busy run down! I think like you, if I lost the sugar in my tea it would never taste right... :(

  7. Such a busy day - and decaf tea ?????? I can't see the point . I don't remember the last time I drank a cup of tea. I used to drink a whole pot in the morning before I could function but that was when I was working. I just drink coffee now and not that decaf poop either :-D
    Great Jinx photo :-D


    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. So glad Jinxy wasn't hurt. Sounds like the two of you have some wonderful adventures! So glad he could help you work on your mom's computer! :) They are so helpful that way!
    I should cut out more sugar also, but it is so hard to do! So Kudos to you! You deserve a pat on the back. Hope the pace slows down and you have a great week!

  9. Wow, I am exhausted just reading about your day. I always start and end my day with a pot of hot tea. Sugar but no cream with a cookie (biscuit). A pot or two of strong black coffee gets me through the rest of the day,

    Love that you take your cat where you go. If people can walk or drive around with their dogs whose to say it's "weird" to bring your cat. When I was first married my husband got me a kitten and she always rode in the car with us.

    Hope the rest of your week is much slower pace.

  10. Such a busy day you had, enjoyed the story of it and the wonderful pictures. I love the plate and mug. The painting looks good and love the flowers. Hope today is a bit easier of a day for you and tea time comes sooner.


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