Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spot The Difference: CLOSED

I know, it's a rubbish drawing, but I've mislaid the digi I was going to use today, soooooooo he's a frog and to make him a bit more interesting, I've turned him into a spot the difference. Haven't had one of these in ages! There's about 14 differences. Just click on the Frog if you want him... you can email me the answers or add them here, the comments are off! Only comments with no answers will show at first! Winner (first by date)to get them all) wins three digi's, every one else who plays gets one digi. You have til next Tuesday. Start Spotting! See Next Tuesdays post for winner


  1. Mangler 3 prikker på kroppen
    2 prikker for mye (under venstre øye og høyre kne
    strek på venstre tå
    strek under munnen er feil
    mangler 1 vippe-hår på venstre øye
    hvit større prikk i høyre øye (under)
    strek inn på høyre arm fra kroppen
    mangler strek på tvers mellom de 2 tærne ytterst til høyre og strek inn på den siste tåen
    2 prikker på venstre øyelokk
    Lenger strek innimellom 2 tær på venstre side

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Think I've worked it out that there's still one missing

  2. Okay Lyn. I'm usually useless at Spot the Difference but think I might have them all!

    1. Mark under mouth changes direction
    2. Spots on right leg increase from 3 to 4
    3. Eyelashes on left eye decrease from 3 to 2
    4. Mark on left foot disappears
    5. Size of smaller white dot on right eye increases in size
    6. Spots on right ar increase from 4 to 5
    7. Dots above left eye disappear
    8. One spot under left eye shifts location
    9. Mark on right foot between toes disappears
    10. Mark on right foot above left toe also disappears
    11. Size of line between fngers on left hand increases
    12. Line on right side of base of arm increases in size
    13. Line between toes on left foot increases in sze
    14. Spots on right side of body decrease from 12 to 11.

    My description is probably not the best but hopefully I have found them all.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 1 post on Sep. 05, 2012. Thanks again.

  4. I love 'Spot The Difference, but you've stumped me, I was only able to find 12 differences noticed on lower froggie

    1.No mark on left eyelid
    2.Only two eyelashes on left eyelid
    3.Extra spot, right forearm
    4.Different spot placement below left eye
    5.Bigger highlight spot in right eye
    6.Crease mark, right armpit
    7.One less spot, right side of belly
    8.Different shaped mark under chin
    9.Extra spot in right knee area
    10.No mark on far left toe
    11&12.Missing two crease marks on right foot

    Thanks for the fun and a very Hoppy Froggie freebie :0) x

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 1 post on Sep. 05, 2012. Thanks again.

  6. Thanks Lyn for this cute froggie.... He/She is just too cute!

  7. What a cutie! My daughter is crazy for frogs so this little guy/gal is definitely going on a card for her!

  8. how fun! I sent you an email ... hope you get it.

  9. I could not find them all but here is what I came up with.
    dot missing under left eye
    dot missing on rt arm
    dot on rt side missing on belly
    dot on rt leg missing
    Mark on left 1st toe missing
    Eyelash missing on left eye

    What a cute froggy!
    Mark under mouth is facing up instead of down.

  10. Thanks so much for the adorable frog. He is very cute. It is very kind of you to share your talent. Sherry T

  11. Thanks for the freebies Lyn! I sent you an email . . . I spotted 13!

  12. Thank you for these froggies. They are not rubbish drawings. A rubbish drawing is me trying to draw anything (and I'm not kidding either!).

  13. this was great fun... sent you the pdf with my 12 answers... not sure if you received it however or if I ended up in spam lol :D

  14. Thanks for the cute frog. I can only find 7 difference. I will email them to you. Thanks for sharing. Sarah

  15. Enjoyed the game; hope I did it right! :)

  16. Thanks for sharing the cute frog,I guess I,m not very wide awake as I can't see the difference.

  17. Okay! Here goes (all observations refer to right or left of frogs as 'facing me')...1)white dot under right eye is smaller on Frog 1 (top frog) 2)Frog 2 has an extra dot on his right arm 3)Frog 1 has 3 lashes on left eye 4)Frog 1 has 2 tiny marks above left eye 5) 3 dots below left eye are in a different position on Frog 1 than Frog 2 6)Frog 1 has 12 dots below right arm, Frog 2 only has 11 7)Frog 1 has 3 dots on right knee, Frog 2 has 4 8)Frog 1 has a mark on left toe on left foot; Frog 2 doesn't 9)Mark under mouth of Frog 1 curves down; mark under mouth of Frog 2 curves up. I think that got it all! Thanks for the fun!

  18. YaY - cool Froggy... I did it and sent you him on an email with my answers :-D xx

  19. What an interesting task! I like it! I already found 6! I'll try to find other differences. I will photograph them and will send them in e-mail.
    Thank you very much!
    Have a nice day!

  20. Thank you from kit

  21. I hope you got the email I sent... this was fun! Thank you!

  22. Great froggie :-) Thank you xx
    I emailed you my froggy answers :-)
    Just to let you know - I used another of your fabulous digis on my QTR piece this week. He's here:

  23. No way! I commented yesterday aNd added my STD answers but it's disappeared :(

  24. He's not rubbish, he's cute! But oh dear, I must be blind as I only spot seven differences. Thanks for the freebie!

  25. Okay, this is what I got!
    -Missing 2 dots on left eye lid
    - Missing eyelash on left eye
    -small dot on right eye is bigger
    - Spots on left side under eye is different
    - Added spot on right side of arm
    -Line under mouth is different
    -Missing spot on right side of stomach
    - Spot added to right leg
    -Missing line on toe on left foot
    - Missing 2 lines on right foot

  26. Oh! he is really cute.
    Thanks. Lynne from OZ

  27. This is so cute. I couldn't find all of the differences but did spot a couple. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Thank you for thus fun oppertunity.
    I emailed you my 14 answers.

    Hugs Priscilla

  29. b - extra small spots on r eyelid
    b - 3v2 eyelashes on l
    b - smaller sparkel on l eye
    b - extra spot on r body
    b - r back toe accent
    b - l bottom ankle fold
    b - l bottom outter toe fold
    b v a chin shape & placement
    b v spot placement on r cheek
    a - longer top r first toe
    a - extra spot right top leg
    a - arm fold upper r
    a - extra spot l bottom leg
    a - longer toes inner bottom
    this was fun....thanks

  30. Missing a stroke on the right leg toe
    Missing a dot on the left leg
    Missing one eyelash on right eye
    Chin stroke is different
    Left arm has one extra dot
    Right arm dots are different in pattern
    Left eye dot is bigger
    Missing a dot on left side of frog
    Left armpit is different
    Left hand is different
    Left foot is different in 2 places
    Left arm adjoining body is different
    Right toes are different
    Missing 3 dots on Right eyelid




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