Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WOYWW 3rd Anniversary

Mornings people! Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary!! Here's my desk this Wednesday. This week we are all supposed to be doing The Great WOYWW ATC Swap! Thought very hard about it... I make rubbish ATC's, so you'll be glad to know you can miss me out! The woywwer below me is far better! Honest... (but I do have a couple I can take out of the bin!)
**Update...I've made some ATC's, see next post!

On my desk you can see just peeking on the left my first WOYWW project...It was a small Lazy-Susan (I'm sure she isn't!) with cardboard cups stuck to it, to hold pens and things... broken... it didn't fly well! (I was going to change it anyway!) ...Some of my digi's, a magazine, and my very snooty 'stuck up' scissors..(Gel glue went all spoogy, I had to use them to dig it out!) and a cold cup of tea... and that's it! Hop over to the Stamping Ground and join in!


  1. This susan is lazy, too lazy take make her own hanging basket, mind you I haven't got an assistant! My desk looks a bit like yours, very busy, June is a busy month for Birthdays.

  2. you are not a number you are a Free Woman,

    I can't find your addie - will you resend it to me so I can get your ATC to you - might be Friday as yours will be a late mail post,

    I have no idea what day it is or which post I'm commenting on, I am one day ( behind) coming your way and finding out if we understand each other or we have a different kind of madness and just seem to relate....or if you are actually a figment of my imagination that provides a rationalisation for my strange blogging habits...I think mostly we just go to bed too late....not together she adds hastily...

    ha ha ha


    1. I know what you mean...going to bed at 5 and getting up at 7 does my head in by the end of the week...I see dead people!'s ok... took a short cut back through the church...

  3. I'm chuckling here. I've never made an ATC before but have loved the challenge and they will be getting one of mine however rubbish they are :-)
    Happy 3rd WOYWW birthday.
    A x #89

  4. laughing so much I had to cross my legs...

    will mail you - email you


    h ahah

  5. You are a busy busy bee looking at your workdesk!!! Looks like loads of fun was had too which is great. Karen 103 x

  6. LOL! Too funny! I had never made an ATC before this week, and I was really woried that it would not turn out. Thanks for sharing every week! Happy WOYWW Birthday!!! -Amanda x100

  7. Oh I would love one of your reject ATC's You know why because YOU made it. Sandy :) #72

  8. Hi Ly, ha, ha - your desk is like the part of mine I was too ashamed to show. Dirty laudnry will be shown next week I promise if it's not been tidied :)

    Yes, St Luke's is the challenge where you send your cards. Not a must, but I send mine plus a lot of others - else there'd be even LESS room in here to craft :)

    Happy WOYWW - what no dongle? :)

    Di xx

    1. there was socks on my desk one week...I didn't see them til somebody else did!!

  9. Poor Suzan.... lazy or not, it's a shame she's broke! :o) Looks like you have been busy, too busy to finish your cup of tea, I don't think I ever finish a drink at my desk! Happy WoYwW 3rd Anniversary, and here's to many more :o) x April #95

  10. Happy WOYWW 3rd anniversary.
    We have made some fab blogging friends through our mad blog hop haven't we!!
    Have a great week. x Jo

  11. That's an, er, CREATIVE desk you have there!

    Happy WOYWW Lyn

    Hugs, Sarn xx

  12. I am sure your ATC's would be gorgeous.. but happy WOYWW anyhow, have a good one! Helen 8

  13. A confession - my ATCs are VERY plain (in part due to mailing costs). Now, some I've seen today are blowing my socks off..... wondering how I can doll mine up a bit. Oh, but I don't have the time.

    Happy anniversary!

    Kay #138

  14. Your desk looks like mine Lyn I have lots of birthdays in June and July and need to get them all done before I go to Canada

    Jackie x

  15. Your desk looks like mine Lyn I have lots of birthdays in June and July and need to get them all done by the end of June

    Jackie x

  16. You have stuck up scissors?! Wow. I had a pair of scissors that my husband glued shut once. It was on accident but when you say, "My husband glued a pair of scissors shut once," it sounds like a very deliberate act. He had some epoxy he cut open and didn't think to wipe the blades off before shutting them. They were quite a hit at the office. Folks were known for swiped each other's office goods, so they were placed on a desk and made the rounds as they got pinched from one office to the next. It was funny to see people put their fingers into the scissors and try in vain to open them up.

    My older sister was Susan. Lazy is just one of the words to describe her....

  17. Hi Lynn, now I wish I'd just confessed that my ATCs are rubbish too - I wouldn't be feeling quite so inadequate as I do now if I had. The ATCs I've seen so far are just fabulous so my humble little effort is going to be a big disappointment for someone :( Your desk looks incredibly busy and I'm chuckling at the thought of stuck-up scissors :) Too late to wish you a happy WOYWW so wishing you a great holiday weekend ahead. Elizabeth x #94

    1. Your are great Elizabeth! I've now made some...the one's in the bin...are staying there!

  18. Don't worry dear. My ATC is not that hot, either. But I'm sending it, anyway. I remember your 1st Anniversary Lazy Susan. We had such fun that day, because we were all so creative in our own way. Of course, that's before I started showing my rocking horses (grin).

  19. LOL - fun post! That's what I love about WOYWW - little gems like your desk :)
    Hugs, LLJ #65 xx

  20. Busy desk!
    Happy belated 3rd WOYWW anniversary!
    Tuire #17

  21. What a busy desk ...but then that is you... love the bear ....Happy 3rd woyww birthday

  22. Hi Lyn I am sure that your ATC's would be fab! I couldn't make up my mind about swapping until I'd entered my name over at Julia's. Then I added the asterisk and still hesitated before pressing the enter key. Anyway tis done now and hope that the recipient of my ATC won't be too disappointed. A belated Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary from me. Anne x

  23. happy late woyww, its so hard to get round everyone. Im glad people are telling you off for not taking part ;) Its just about having fun, I made my first ones 3 weeks ago. im glad you have made some now. enjoy your week

  24. Hi Lyn. Good to catch up again. Thanks for your comment. My desk set-up is working so well. Such small adjustment can make such a difference!
    Yours is such an entertainment. I can hardly make out anything but the familiar land marks.
    Ros, #88

  25. Great shot of your desk, sort of helicopter style. Thanks for your comment.
    Know what you mean about the time rushing by but do my best to see as many desks as poss!
    Happy 3rd year of WOYWW
    Ros #88

  26. I always love seeing your creative desk in action, not messy at all and you need a pat on the back for being brave and honest.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW
    Eliza #140

  27. Great desk; lots going on and lots of space left, if you're a fan of the push back method!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    rachel #7

  28. I never got to make any atc's either, just had no time at all around the 3yr anniversary! Sadly I can't use cheap ink in my printer, it just bungs it up, so it's Canon ink or nowt I'm afraid!


  29. Oooh I love to see a messy, creative desk! :)

    Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW anniversary,

    Ali #86


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