Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Spot The Difference!! (Finished)

This has Closed now.
The two digi's might look the same, but see if you can spot the ten changes in this one to the one in the post below. All the right answers will be put in a hat and shaken!! Winner will win any digi from my digi store. Leave your answers here, the comments have been switched off!! til Tuesday(( I've tested it! The comments you seen are the ones without the answers! Clever stuff)) or if you prefer email me. Please don't share my digi's, send people here to download them. Winner will be announced Next Tuesday...


  1. Just double checking I've done this right!!!

  2. You got me...I only found 6 things different...*smile*
    Thanks for visiting me!

  3. I can only find 6 can't find the other 4 at all
    Jacki xx

  4. I can only see 8 but here they are...
    1 Shirt button missing
    2 More stripes on jumper collar
    3 Only 1 trouser pocket
    4 Left shoe has no lace
    5 Freckles missing on cheeks
    6 Small detail missing under leaf on top bunch of flowers
    7 Small detail missing on left of right foot
    8 Cross eyes on top pic

    :-) Please do give us the results some time and thanks for the giggle :-)
    A x

  5. You must have gotten it since now I can't see my post before this one, asking how about now?

    The difference is his eyes, freckles, shoe lace, pants pocket, shirt button hole, sweater collar, flower stem/leaf, flower center, and ground by shoe changed. That seems like a lot but that is all I seen. Thanks for sharing him.

  6. Oh Lyn hes gorgeous thanks for the freebie. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

  7. It's all right now, no comment is working

  8. Hi Lyn, well from what i can see ...
    here are my answers
    1. button on shoe
    2. button hole
    3. shoe lace
    5. jumper collar
    6.eyes shine
    7.Line under one of the leaves of the top ones in his hand
    8. bottom of left shoe
    10. middle flower on the top

  9. I can only spot 4 changes....10 huh!!!

  10. OK I was just checking to see if the comment thingy was working right before I post the changes that I found. 8-)
    1.button hole on right side of shirt
    2&3.both cheeks are different
    4.pocket on pants right side
    5.shoe lace on right side

  11. WOOT! Now how much more fun can it get. I like these search and find puzzles.
    Thanks for the digi!

    10 difference’s
    1. freckles are different
    2. eyes are different
    3. button or dot on left side collar
    4. pocket on left side is missing
    5. sweater collar ribbing is different
    6. shoelace left shoe
    7. center flower’s center has dots on held flowers
    8. leaves are different on flowers in his hand
    9. dot on ground by right shoe
    10. spider leg


  12. Hi! Here are my answers! #1 is first picture posted. Right/left is if I am the person in the picture (opposite than looking in the screen)

    1. Freckles bigger/more pronounced #2
    2. Middle flower center has shading #1
    3. No left pocket #1
    4. Bigger shine in eye #1
    5. Button hole on left side of collar on #1
    6. Dot on ground by right shoe on #1
    7. Shoelace curl by left shoe on #2
    8. More lines in sweater collar on #1
    9. Curl under left leaf on #2
    10. Spider has extra leg on #1

    Thanks for the chance to win!! =)

  13. Yoo hoo, just found your comment about being on MSE cant find any posts by spyder but there is mention of your blog with a link to come over to check out your digis and freebies - does that help???

  14. Had lot's of fun with this Lyn! Thanks for a different kind of!

    #1.) Button Hole - No Button Hole
    #2.) Small Eyes - Big eyes
    #3.) Small freckles - Big Freckles
    #4.) More lines in the collar - Less lines in the collar
    #5.) One pocket - Two Pockets
    #6.) Shoe lace on second shoe - The other one does not
    #7.) Flowers that he is holding has a curl on the leaf - The other does not
    #8.) Small dot by the first shoe - The other does not
    #9.) The middle flower in the bunch he is holding has 3 dots on the inside - The other one does not
    #10.) The 5th leg on the spyder is longer - The other is shorter

    That 10th one I almost couldn't find! But I think I got all of them! :D

    xx Tracey xx

  15. OMG some of them were so tricky.

    10 differences I found were
    1. Button Hole Missing
    2. Piping different on neck of sweater
    3. RH Facing pocket missing
    4. RH facing lace missing
    5. Little curl added to bottom of leaf on bouquet
    6. Spot missing next to LH facing shoe
    7. Pupils smaller
    8. Ground on LH side seems a bolder colour
    9. Freckles bolder
    10. One of legs slightly shorter on spider

    Thanks for the freebie :)

  16. Hmm have only spotted 4 so far :-/
    Hope you're having a lovely day :-)
    Anne xx


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