Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Quirky Sneak Peek is Rubbish...

...But never mind, no one ever reads this, no, honest they don't. Here's me slavin' away...
Actually I have been very busy, which is why there's not been much crafting going on here, but it has been going on at home. Hubby has decided there should not only be What's on your Workdesk Wednesday... but What's on your Sofa Sunday, 'What's on your Mantle Piece Monday', 'What's on your Table Tuesday' (Or to be really vulgar, What's on Your Toilet seat Tuesday ...well, I was strapped for space!!) Then, There's 'What's on your Telly Thursday' and 'What's on your Flippin' Bed Friday...' and back to, 'What's on Your Ironing board Saturday'. Wouldn't it be nice to have a really BIG house! I can but dream! And I have been, dreaming. Woke up suddenly because I was being chased oily crayons! (Still haven't got the knack of that)
One of my latest requests, (as well as dragons, naked ladies and hedgehogs in swimming suits) is to draw a cartoon map of Iceland, which must have a troll and a volcano on it, to be auctioned off at a school for disadvantaged children. Course Hubby suggested some fish fingers and a packet of frozen peas... Iceland, The place dearest, not Iceland the frozen veg and plaice place!! Anyway, that's in the pipe line... Here's a bit of my DT card from Quirky Craft's next challenge, which starts tomorrow, (Sunday) Pop over and have a go... and of course... these 'other' pictures are all clues too!
Ah! New Follower! Hi and a big (((wave))) to Starla B. with a lovely blog called, 'You Could Be Wishing On A Star!' How fabulous! I'd wish for a bigger crafty space!! Thanks for stopping by!
Ps...Scroll Down for WOYWW and Spot The Difference.. Prize is a digi, open till Tuesday
...(No toilet seat involved was harmed, promise)


  1. Haha but I am reading it! Looks gorgeous what I can see of it! Oh and a big house wouldnt make any difference you still wouldnt have enough room I have already decided this myself! So I shall use everything and ever space necessary to store my stuff! It keeps things from getting dusty I think!

  2. I have to say a bigger place just means more space to clean. I honestly think you get more space and you fill it up and just need more space, right? I like all your days and read your blog, just don't ever comment. It is 1:30 and I am waiting to take a shower. We have 1 bathroom, with 4 kids (3 teenagers) and have a party to go to at 4. One of my big wishes is for another bathroom, but with my luck they would take away my scraproom, so I wait. Have a great day, and I wait patiently for whats on the ironing board, but will skip the toilet seat day, thanks. hehe

  3. I read your blog Spyder....Some expressions are fun to interpret since they aren't used around here in the dear old South. More room means more mess and it doesn't mean I clean. I'm a "straightener" not a cleaner. No one has die yet in my house for lack of cleaning. The still make ironing boards?

  4. I loved this post ...had to giggle at WOYSofa Sunday etc. I agree I would love a Mansion (or at least a 6 bedroomed house) ...and the money to run it ...and the 'lady who does' to keep it clean and tidy lol xx

  5. Ummmm, i wonder if we would write half of what we do if we realized just how many people actually DO read our blogs and just don't say anything. lol
    Anyway, I can feel ya about the lack of space, but the last commenter is probably right. We would just fill it with more junk anyway.
    I don't have a "room" but I do have a "space" and I'm so happy I do. No need for an ironing board! (I don't even own one).

  6. hahaha, We all read this, you got humour girl and creative style, love that !!
    I have space and trust me, you only need more and more to clean and re-arrange , and, and , the list goes on ..........LOL
    Love the sneakie peaks .........:)))))

  7. I read too, just don't get round to commenting very often. You must have a very patient other half, mine would kill me if I spread out that far, that's why he shut me in my own room! I bet if you had more space you would just spread you stuff out further! Loved the sneak peak, have a great weekend. Tracey x

  8. i read too lol, and have to admit a chuckle at your hubbies ideas, i could add whats on your fridge freezer friday lol, im constantly forgetting not to add more stash up there as when i want to get stuff down if falls on my head because i cant be bothered to get the step ladders out, had one of those accidents tonight an a quality street tin full of feathers hit me on the nose grrr.
    i would love a bigger house, guess i will have to wait untill the girls move out, lol

  9. Te he he my dear Lyn I ALWAYS read ur posts tho I dont always comment U always were (have been)very close to my heart made me gioggle and gaoe in wonderment at some of your crafting
    Hun will be back:)


  10. Dorcas, it was your oily crayons that were chasing me!

    Tracy, I forgot all about What's on your fridge Friday...mine has crafty stuff on it too! A Tin of Quality street with feathers!! and not choccies???

    I'm a 'straightener' too Cely...oh, that reminds me, have I left them on?

    and you're all right, the bigger the place to more places you'd have to lose things!! I'd never find my quickie glue pen!

  11. Lol! Thanks for the great giggle today! My husband and yours must have compared notes. Although we live across the pond, the sentiments expressed by the husbands are same even if the words are a little different.

  12. Oh Lyn...I have a big house full of crap...just more room to fill...oh my oh my I hate looking in my hope there is never a What's in You Basement Day!

  13. Ha ha Lyne ur post makes me laff love your sneak peeks and I read when I have time lol

    liz xx

  14. BAHahahahaha! You are hilarious! **Big Wave** right back at 'cha! Wow...have you met my husband? Sounds eerily similar to what you're describing.... =)


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