Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Happy 1st of September!! Pinch and a kick, for being so quick! And what was I doing on this day last year????...let's have a look HERE Aw sooo cute, but enough of that!! Yes, this week it's WHAT'S ON SOMEONE ELSE'S WORKDESK WEDNESDAY!! (Sorry, didn't mean to shout!) This will be a very quickie post if you read it fast!!
I'm still dog sitting and nearly had to abandon WOYWW!! (No!!) But!! I thought, quick, take a pic of what's on this desk here. Not much space to craft in, but I have brought a couple of things with me (laptop!) and there's the start of the freebie, hiding beneath that, (hem-hem) magazine!! Poor hubby, I sent him back home to get my scanner so I could do the freebie! And, oho lookie, I wonder who that is on page 33 of Cardmaking and PaperCraft Magazine!? Anyone we know?? I must admit, to open a mag and see some of your cards on the page is a tiny weeny bit of a thrill! So, there you go, three minutes of fame!
Also on the desk, is, of course, can't leave home without them... my ProMakers! And a few moments later, after a sudden chocolate craving, a large jar of Nutella appears, complete with spoon.
Now, I know some of you are saying, where's the flippin' freebie then?? It'll be here soon, I promise. This is on timer, which I hope I have time to link in the morning, as I'll be at work, after walking the dogs but before I go I hope to add the freebie, if not look out for the post above this one! I've done the drawing, but it still needs to be tidied up a bit and seeing hubby has to go to bed now, (it's nearly midnight) as he gets up about 5, there's no way I can stay up typing in the same room til three in the morning...his snoring will put me off! (only kidding...It's Frog the cat, she moans about the light still being on!)
So, what's all this about, as if you didn't know!? Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and find out! Take a pic of your crafty space, no matter where it is or what it looks like (the messier the better I think) and come and join in. It's the best way to meet so many crafty people! Thanks for stopping by!

Still plenty of time to join in with Spyder's 'Mouse House' Challenge. Details on how to get the freebie image HERE


  1. I had to stop by before the links were up, so I could get a head start on the day. It just goes to show you can craft in even the tiniest spot if you have to.

    BTW, congrats on your 15 minutes of fame. Proud of you. Happy WOYWW.

  2. Hi Hun
    great piccies oh nuttella not had that in years, i use to like one that had white choccie in it as well?? Congratulations on getting published hun, clever girl, have fun sitting, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  3. Congratulations on your featuring in the magazine - saw it a couple of days ago when my own copy landed on the mat.

    Busy workdesk - my hubby reckons a cluttered desk is a sign of genius! - works for me!!

    Nutella - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm EVERYTHINGS better with chocolatey and/or nutty stuff!!


  4. It all sounds like good fun to me and it seems that NOTHing will stop you crafting!!! Thanks for the chuckle...
    JoZarty x

  5. Frame it - I would - Congratulations you....Nutella - sounds like my daughter - I buy the jars and she midnight feasts on it....Happy WOYWW

  6. Congratulations, 15 mins, make it at least 30 LOL.
    Hope the doggies and your OH are behaving, got my mushroom safe and sound but have only got as far as printing, as the sunshine has kept me out doors.

  7. any port in a storm eh? even a tiny space can get those creative juices flowing. Well done on being published.x

  8. Huge congrats on the 15 mins of fame :-)
    A x

  9. oh hun frame it I did when my wee bit was in the magazine,well done on getting them,in there too hun,great desk as always oh thanks for the free image too will come in handy as I do not have any hallowean images,will link back to here when I use it thanks again hun hugs cheryl xxxx

  10. Well done on your 15mins of fame.

    Thanks for this weeks freebie :)


  11. Congratulations ... you published artist you :0)

  12. Congratulations on being in print! It IS a thrill the first time, isn't it? And then after that and the time after that, lol. Enjoy dog sitting!! Happy WOYWW! Cath x

  13. Congrats on being in the mag! Nutella would be ok if it wasn't nutty... Enjoy the rest of your sitting!

  14. congrats on making it this week, and isnt it lovely to see your work in print, anyone would think I had won the lottery I was so excited and chuffed all at the same time when it happened to me :)

  15. In print again gal - go you - WOYWWers are very thrilled to open a mag and see someone they know! I took one look at the desk and instantly remembered that you aren't at home!! Hope you're enjoying the house sitting tho - and well done for making it, Wednesday wouldn't be the same without you, oh famous published one.

  16. Congratulations on being in the magazine - famous hey! :)

  17. Congrats to you, hope its the first of many.


  18. Very exciting! Congrats on the article! It's great to have a space to craft, no matter how small ;)

  19. Of course Nutella with a spoon!!! As a true German girl I can eat Nutella straight from the jar!
    Love your blog!

  20. Hiya Spydie.Spotted you as soon as my mag dropped through the letter box.Thanks for popping by my blog.Hugs BettyXXX

  21. I remember when i was a kid you could buy a wee pot of nutella for 10p, and it tasted fab! Congrats on being in the mag, that's brilliant. Hope you have a great week.
    p.s. love your cats name :-)

  22. Congrats on getting published. Enjoy the new crafting space.


  23. Wow! Your cards in the news! I clicked on the picture to make it bigger but I still couldn't read it. What's it about? and is that your picture? Patsy from

  24. Ooh, you're famous! Will you still talk to me I wonder! love that you're crafting at someone else's desk this week! Hope they don't come back to find their desk covered in ink and gesso and glitter!


  25. Nutella, nom nom! I love Nutella on toast but can't trust myself to buy a jar as I'd scoff the lot!

    Impressed with your dedication to crafting by taking stuff with you!


    Oh and well done for getting published :-)

  26. I'm sure you can't wait to be back in your own mess!

    Congrats on the magazine thingy!

    How does it feel to be famous??!! lol!

    Sheena xx

  27. yes I see now what you meant by not being your desk and being unable to score it. lol

    It is nice to have a change of scenery though - don't you think

    thanks for the return visit belated snoop
    Hugs Kate xx

  28. Is that a magazine I see on your desk??? lol - congrats on getting into print- bit late with my comment - I have been bilberry picking in the sunshine today and gardened for M. yesterday!!

  29. Well done, both for getting published and for managing to join in with WOYWW this week. Must ask a question though - I have a bog standard inkjet printer - what can I use to colour in the digi stamps with? I have a couple of copic but no promarkers *yet* and otherwise just pencils or inks or normal felt tip pens or chalks or paint or..........

  30. Hi there, am so sorry that I am a little late getting to your WOYWW post, wow what lovely stash you have there, so much for us to feast our eyes at, lol! Have a lovely weekend, hugs Heidi xxx

  31. Sorry I am so late, WOW Fame!!! Love it, Hope you are having a great weekend, Hazelxo

  32. Am so impressed that you managed WOYWW even when not at home - poor hubby though *g* visions of a man running up and down the street loaded up with various bits of computer equipment :P

    Sorry for my lateness! I have no excuse apart from I'm rubbish *g*

  33. Well done on the magazine mention :-) I'm very late this week too, not enough hours in the day really x

  34. Congrats on being published. Thanks for the snoop round, sorry I'm so late getting here.

  35. Huge congrats on the magazine. And kudos to you for managing to craft in someone else's home. Given how messy I am, I wouldn't are!


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